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Adventure Holidays

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Adventure Holidays

A page for the mad, insane or just plain adventurous members of society. Every possible permutation of paid for pain and pleasure will be found within these pages.

REI - During the past six decades, REI has grown into a renowned supplier of specialty outdoor gear, currently serving more than 2 million active members through 60 retail stores in the U.S. and by direct sales via the Internet (REI.com and REI-OUTLET.com), telephone and mail. While non-members are welcome to shop at REI, only members enjoy special benefits and offers including an annual patronage refund based on their purchases.

Safaris Africa - Grab that pith helmet, put on the khaki shorts and head for this site. More safaris here than you could shake a wildebeest at . Make your safari choice from camping, rail, balloon, overland, budget or even a limo safari. The site acts as a clearing house for a number of the best Safari operators in Africa. An excellent site well laid out and easy to navigate.

Travelon: Adventure & Specialty Travel Trip Finder - Bored by the Bahamas, apathetic about Acapulco or just tired of sitting in the sun. It happens!. When it does head for the Travelon Adventure Trip Finder. Smell the danger as you click on the drop down menu and discover the world of adventure. Make your choice from 93 adrenaline draining activities including whitewater rafting, ice climbing, dog sledding or camel riding. The list intriguingly also details weddings and beer tasting alongside these other fearsome activities. Travelon is without doubt the starting point for any out of the ordinary vacation. One of our favorite sites.

Sobek Mountain Travel - Breakfast in New York, lunch in Casablanca, luggage in Timbuktu. Well, thats adventure for you. I'm sure however Sobek Mountain Travel will try their utmost to keep you and your luggage together. Sobek organizes some of the most inspirational and aspirational trips on the planet. Hill tribes in Thailand, Hikers Morocco, Kayaking with the Kuna Indians or for something a little less physically taxing try climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. The site is really well structured and easy to get around, (unlike some of their destinations). Plenty of details for the nervous or first time adventurer. A great site.

Dragoman Adventure Travel - Although based in the United Kingdom this company is very popular with adventurers from the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Tours vary in length between 2 and 37 weeks and cover every continent. Some incredible looking journeys here, some not for the faint hearted.

Specialty Travel Index - A huge index of activity holidays here, not all them adrenaline pumpers, quilting and kite flying for example seem to be quite sedate. But if you want to white-out those knuckles there are manifold opportunities here. Thousands of tours detailed by over 600 operators.

Adventure Women - Formerly Rainbow Adventures this company specializes in adventure travel for women. Offering 24 different vacations which include activities such as downhill skiing, sea kayaking, hiking and horseback riding - and their " WOMEN BORN TO BE WILD"! series of trips. A nice looking site with plenty of helpful advice too.

Boojum Expeditions Mongolia Tibet - A small company offering uncommon adventure travel for small groups to Mongolia, Tibet, China, Argentina, Venezuela and Yellowstone National Park. From the back of a horse, trekking on foot or paddling a kayak, we immerse ourselves in the land and the culture. They say their horse adventures are unique and suitable for the experienced and occasional rider alike. Wherever they take place, say Boojum "our adventures are challenging and fulfilling and no two are ever alike".

Contiki Holidays - World-wide adventure travel for those lucky 18 to 35 year olds. Traveling to more than 48 countries, Contiki has more 100 tours ranging from 3 to 52 days. Many of them undertaken in non-adventurous luxury transport. Most tours have good, well detailed online itineraries.

Exploremag.com - Not much here for the physically challenged. However the all American male, and female, can plan their next sortie up the north face of unpronounceable mountains in the Himalayas, avoid Bilharzia in Botswana or scale a few canyons in Mexico. More of a general magazine site, but has many links to travel opportunities. A good site with many "on the trail" reports.

Serious Adventure Sports and Outdoors Directory - Don't try any of the activities you see on this site at home, unless of course home is a 1000 square miles of the Rockies. As the name implies this site deals only in seriously mad activities for like minded people. Choose from air sports, (this appears to consist of spotting a snow clad mountain from 40,000 feet and then jumping on it, sometimes with a parachute,sometimes without). Lots of land and water based stuff here too, from cattle driving, to the relatively gentle pastime of white water rafting. Even if you are not contemplating any of the activities offered here, it is a great site to peruse and dream of that misspent youth.

Adventure Sports - This is my kind of adventure travel site. Details of lots of places to buy all that neat looking outdoor gear, tips on survival nutrition, where to buy car racks for the skis and that sort of stuff. Plenty to do here for those who have had their adrenaline glands removed. People like me, the indoor backpacker. For those who actually buy and wear all this stuff there are lots of links to a wide range of adventure and outdoor activity holidays. A good section too on women's sports. One of our favorite sites.

ESPN Extreme Sports - Not a travel site, but a useful source of news and information on outdoor sports. Covers mountain biking, climbing, endurance and winter sports.

ElderTreks - Adventure travel for people over fifty - I think Elder Treks sum up their own site in a nutshell "ElderTreks is the world's first adventure travel company dedicated exclusively to people 50 and over. Our trips explore the culture and nature of a destination while traveling sensitively in small groups limited to 15 people. All trips involve walking and some include hiking in rainforest, desert or mountain environments." A well presented and easy to use site.

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