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Eco Travel

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Eco Travel

As the signs say at all the worlds ecologically sensensitive sites, "Take only photographs, leave only footprints". Take a look at the caring face of tourism in these sites.
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Travelon: Adventure & Specialty Travel Trip Finder - Yet another top quality site from Travelon. When you get on to this site just click on the ecotourism link in the "Major Activity" drop down menu. When we checked the site out recently we found over 200 eco tours available to all parts of the world. The rest of the site is well worth exploring too.

EcoTourism Explorer Some serious stuff on these pages aimed at the genuinely caring eco warrior rather than the occasionally interested. All contributing travel content providers must meet the strict criteria laid down by TES (The Ecotourism Society). A really interesting site with a mission.

Ecotravel Center - An exceptional site from a deeply committed group of people. Here's the introduction to their site. "EarthWise Journeys is an independent resource and clearinghouse for responsible travel worldwide . . . .fun and rewarding journeys to renew the mind, body and spirit. Discover wonderful alternatives to mass tourism! EarthWise works primarily with groups and educational organizations. We also work with individual travelers who are members. EarthWise Journeys promotes the travel programs of responsible tour operators and non-profit organizations that focus on local cultures, wilderness programs, learning adventures, volunteering, personal growth and environmental awareness. EarthWise is listed in the National Green Pages, an honor roll of the most outstanding progressive businesses."

Specialty Travel Index: Ecotourism - A straightforward geographic listing of eco tourism options around the world. Not an exciting page to look at, but strong on content.

Eco Travels in Latin America - Whilst this site is not rich in specific travel and tour company info, it is an outstanding source of eco specific travel information. Good quality intelligent content, well written and well presented.

Australian Eco Adventures - An exhaustive directory of Australian eco travel tours and packages. The site also has much information specific to this exciting country.

Eco - and Adventure Travel in Southern Africa - Top marks for design and content. EcoAfrica hosts a comprehensive range of scheduled and tailor made packages for nature and adventure travelers in southern Africa. Predictably in Southern Africa much of the travel content is focused on safaris, national parks and game lodges although their are a number of other options. The Guidelines for Travelers charter on the front page is a timely reminder of the fragile nature of our planet.

Green Travel Network - Despite the green title this site is not an eco-purist site, however much of the travel content hovers on the fringes. The emphasis is on activity travel to off the beaten track destinations. A well constructed site with lots of features and info.

Wildlife and Nature

Travelon Naturetravel - We make no apologies for featuring yet another Travelon site. Our most recent check on the site revealed over 1100 tours and packages from llama trekking to jungle exploration with lots in between. Great site, great content, presented in an easy to view format.

Holbrook Travel - is one of the premier natural history travel companies in the United States. Founded 20 years ago by Juan and Giovanna Holbrook, Holbrook Travel takes adventurous and knowledge seeking travelers to the far corners of the world on group and individual tours. Holbrook also offers ecotoursim packages.

Pangaea Wildlife And Conservation Links - Not a travel site but an intelligent list of links to wildlife organizations and related travel sites. Take a look at the PANGAEA home page when your through with the links, they publish nature and conservation books and have some interesting looking titles for sale.

World Wildlife Fund - Most of you will be familiar with the WWF and their aims. You may not however be aware they run some of the most exciting wildlife trips available. Hit the "Travel with WWF" button on the front page and spend an enjoyable hour or two checking out some of these exotic trips.

Adventure Canada - Adventure Canada offers a full range of land programs for small group travelers who share our interest in wildlife viewing, photography, outdoor adventure, natural history & native culture in the remote corners of Canada's diverse landscape.

Allsafaris.Com - AllSafaris offer a wide range of safari adventures from traditional African safaris to wildlife safaris in North America and camel safaris in Australia's Red Center. Travel content yet again is provided by Travelon.

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