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Car Rental

Making an Online Car Reservation

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General Information

The car reservation engine offers interactive, real-time access to car rates and availability, enabling you to book the best rates instantaneously through the Internet. You are able to retrieve rates directly from our central reservation system, and see them on your screen within seconds.

From the search page, you can input your criteria to obtain rates and availability for car vendors. When selecting a Car Company, you can either specify a vendor of your preference. By specifing a specific vendor (Car Company) you will obtain a selection of rates & cars to choose from. When you don't select a Car Company you will obtain a list of Car Companys that have available cars with a rate average. Then by clicking on "View All Rates" will retrieve a specific list of available cars with a list of car rates. When you have found the car you are looking for, click on the "Book Now" link to take you to the Reservation Page.

You must be using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape or another Web browser that uses the same security scheme as Netscape. Using an incompatible Web browser will result in an error message from our secure Netscape booking server. This is designed to protect you since everything you enter will be secure -- credit card, name, dates, etc.

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Check Car Availability and Rates

To check availability and rates, fill the Car Search form with the following criteria (all fields are mandatory unless noted below):

  • Pick Up City:
    The airport code of the airport you will be picking your car up at.

  • Drop off City:
    The airport code of the airport you will be dropping your car off at.

  • Pick Up Date:
    The date you will pick up your car (defaults to tomorrow's date)

  • Drop Off Date:
    The date you will drop off your car (defaults to tomorrow's date)

  • Car Type:
    This is the style of car you would like, i.e. Mini Van, SUV, Economy Car, etc.

  • Transmission:
    If you have preference whether your car is an automatic or manual transmission.

  • Car Company:
    The date you will drop off your car (defaults to tomorrow's date)

  • Currency:
    To display the rate of the rental in a currency other than the location's default.

Once all the fields are filled in, click on the "FIND AVAILABLE CARS" button. The request is sent to our reservation system and obtains the rates and availability for the requested time period. This information is returned to you within seconds.

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Make a Car Reservation

Once the Car Engine returns the rates available for the time period you have requested, you may scroll and review the rates and their descriptions. In order to make a reservation, click on the "Reserve Car " link next to the desired rate.

The Reservation Form will display once you have selected a rate. You must have a secure Internet browser (Ex: Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer) in order to proceed any further in making a car reservation.

The Reservation Fields are (all fields are mandatory unless noted below):

  • First Name:
    First name of the guest

  • Last Name:
    Last name, or surname, of the guest

  • Telephone
    A telephone number for the guest

  • Email Address:
    An Email address for the guest. A confirmed notification of the reservation will be sent to this Email address. If the reservation is subsequently canceled, a cancellation notification will also be forwarded to this Email address. For security purposes, any notifications sent to Email will NOT contain credit card numbers.

  • Street Address, Suite or Apt. Number, City, State, Zip Postal Code, and Country:
    A mailing address for the guest.

  • Re-Enter Email Address:
    This field is necessary in order to make sure the confirmation of the booking or cancellation notification is sent to the correct address.

  • Credit Card Type:
    Click on the button next to the credit card you will be entering.

  • Credit Card Number:
    All car reservations made online require a credit card number to guarantee or retrieve the reservation. Since the booking form is a secure transaction, the credit card number will be encrypted for security purposes.

  • Expiration Date:
    Enter the month and year expiration date of the credit card. An example of the format is 12/99.

Once the form is complete, click on the "Make Reservation" button. The reservation request will be transmitted to the car for immediate processing. A reply is normally received within 60 seconds.

If your reservation has been confirmed, a notification will be displayed on your screen and a confirmation email will be delivered to the address your provided

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Cancel a Reservation

To cancel a reservation you can click on the link below or you can call our Customer Service Center.

When cancelling a car reservation go to: Car Cancel Form.

You will need the following information when filling out this form:

  • First Name:
    First name of the guest

  • Last Name:
    Last name, or surname, of the guest

  • Confirmation Number:
    The confirmation number returned by us during the reservations process.

Once the form is complete, click on the "Find Reservation" button. If the information you entered is valid, a page will display all the details of your reservation. Click on the "Cancel Reservation" button and your request will be sent to the reservations system. Within seconds a page will appear with your cancellation number. If you do not wish to cancel the reservation, simply select an item from the jump bar, or use your browser's page back function to return to a previous page, or exit your web browser.

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Security Information and Guidelines

Due to the openness and accessibility of the Internet, guidelines have been established on the number and type of transactions an individual may attempt. These guidelines are listed below:

  1. Email Information
    Sensitive information such as Credit Card Numbers and Expiration Dates will not be sent through the Email system. All sensitive information will be encrypted utilizing your browser's secured functions.

  2. Security
    All reservations and forms used to retrieve reservations send information in an encrypted format.

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Multiple Car Reservations

You are be able to book up to 2 cars using our car engine at the same time. No need to make the same booking more than once.

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Customer Service

  1. If you would like to change your car reservation directly, Click here for a list of phone numbers.

  2. If you would like to cancel a car reservation click here.

  3. Or contact our Travel Reservations Center - Customer Service Department.

    Travel Reservations Center
    • Monday - Friday, 9 AM to 5:30 PM (Eastern Time)
    • 1-888-254-0637 USA and Canada Toll Free
    • Direct: 972-894-1173
    • Fax: 972-580-9225

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Rental Car Company List
  • ACE Rent a Car:
    Huntsville Alabama 800-833-4216
    Phoenix Arizona 800-223-4779
    Burbank California 800-356-4925
    Los Angeles California 800-747-7766
    San Diego California 800-736-8693
    Toronto Canada 866-245-5501
    Aurora Colorado 303-755-4141
    Boulder Colorado 303-415-0380
    Colorado Springs Colorado 877-708-2277
    Denver Colorado 800-429-2280
    Denver (Lakewood) Colorado 303-239-8950
    Denver (Westminster) Colorado 303-427-4800
    Denver Highlands Ranch Colorado 303-347-2288
    Denver Tech Center Colorado 303-220-5995
    Downtown Denver Colorado 303-620-0044
    Miami Florida 800-609-7701
    Orlando Florida 800-656-4223
    West Palm Beach Florida 800-695-9995
    Athens Greece 301-968-0700
    Chicago (O'Hare) Illinois 800-323-3221
    Libertyville Illinois 847-362-6740
    Lombard Illinois 630-889-1606
    Schaumburg Illinois 847-882-6424
    Bloomington Indiana 812-336-1501
    Greenwood Indiana 800-242-7368
    Indianapolis (Airport) Indiana 800-242-7368
    Indianapolis (East) Indiana 800-242-7368
    Kokomo Indiana 765-453-3939
    Lafayette Indiana 765-463-5548
    New Orleans LA 877-469-4007
    Minneapolis Minnesota 800-886-3733
    Kansas City Missouri 800-258-1288
    Billings Montana 800-362-1100
    Las Vegas Nevada 800-634-6779
    Blue Point New York 877-296-2277
    Syracuse New York 800-633-1331
    Philadelphia Pennsylvania 800-898-4630
    Myrtle Beach South Carolina 800-441-3741
    Austin Texas 800-554-4408
    San Antonio Texas 800-880-8267
    St. Croix Virgin Islands 888-878-4227
    Seattle Washington 800-227-5397

  • Advantage:

  • Americar:
    Orlando Florida 800-743-7483
    Syracuse New York 800-633-1331
    Huntsville Alabama 800-833-4216
    Minneapolis 800-886-3733
    Albany New York 518-785-4711

  • Alamo:
    800-GO ALAMO

  • City Rent a Car:

  • Discount Rental:

  • Europcar:
    33 1 30 44 90 00

  • Enterprise:

  • Able Rent a Car:

  • Fox Rent a Car:

  • Holiday Rent:
    61 (02) 9918 4994

  • Interamerican:

  • L&M:

  • Midway:

  • New Frontier:

  • Rent Rite:

  • Usave Auto:

  • Southwest Car:

  • Sixt:
    49 (0) 89 / 7 44 44-0

  • Payless:

  • Budget:
    Online Reservation Support 800-404-8033
    Budget US Reservations 800-527-0700
    Global Language Desk 800-992-2776
    One-way Truck Reservations 800-367-0522
    Customer Relations 800-214-6094
    Meetings & Conventions 800-842-5628
    Membership Services 800-283-4384
    Corporate Sales 800-526-6406
    Support Line (TDD)800-826-5510
    Special Needs Drivers 800-526-6408

  • Hertz:
    For Billing Inquiries 800-654-4173
    For Reservations in the U.S.A. 800-654-3131
    To Extend Your Current Reservation in the U.S.A. 800-654-4174
    For International Reservations 800-654-3001
    For Hearing Impaired (TDD)800-654-2280

  • Avis:

  • Nation Car Rental:

  • Dollar:

  • Sears:

  • Thrifty:

  • Resort:

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What are Featured Car Rental Companies?

Featured Car Rental Companies offer special rates, instant confirmation at time of reservation, dedicated customer service, and more than 250 locations and/or 10 countries around the globe. Most of them also provide you with the estimated total for your rental and mandatory charges.

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Can I only pick up a car at an airport?

No, with our new car reservation system, you can pick up your car at either an airport and also at other locations outside the airport. Resorts, Ports, and within cities are some of the places where you can pick up your rental.

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Will I get charged a drop off fee for a one-way rental?

Check the policies for the location of your desired rental. Most companies have a description of any geographical restrictions and drop off information. If there is such charge, it will be displayed at the time of booking.

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How old do I have to be in order to rent a car?

Check the policies for the location of your desired rental. The age restriction changes from location to location and from country to country. In the United States, the norm is 25 years of age. Some locations have exceptions for corporate accounts and may allow persons with 21 years of age to rent a car. In other countries this restriction can be higher or lower. Please check the policies section on age restriction for more detailed information. Please be aware that additional charges may apply for renters under the age or the rental can be denied.

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What do I need to know in regards to insurance and waivers?

Check the policies for the location of your desired rental. Most rentals do not include any insurance coverage. However several types of coverage can be purchased at most locations. Most companies only provide minimum liability coverage.

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Can I add Special Equipment to my rental, how much is it?

Yes, you can add up to four special equipment(s) to your rental. You will need to check the policies for availability and prices.

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How much will my rental be?

Currently, most of the Feature Car Rental Companies return the estimated total for your rental. This amount is displayed on top of the reservation form as well as in your confirmation email. The estimated total for your rental includes the total of all rates, taxes, fees, mandatory charges, surcharges and applicable drop off charge that the customer must pay either by law or by local policy, for the length of a particular rental request. It does not include optional services such as insurance waivers, special equipment, mileage charges, or gasoline, etc. If the estimated total for your rental is not displayed, you will be notified of you're an estimated total at the time of pick up. Daily, Weekend Daily, Weekly, and Monthly rates DO NOT include taxes, mandatory charges, service charges, fees, extra charges, or any other incidentals.

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What can I send to the rental companies in the Special Requests field?

You can send specific requests such as color preference, multiple special equipment (such as multiple child car seats) and other information that can help the rental company to satisfy your needs. We will send this information to the company, but such requests are not guaranteed and will not be confirmed. Also additional charges may apply for some requests. Contact the rental company if you have any questions in regards to your special request

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Where and how do I pick up my car?

If you are picking up your car at an airport location, we display the desk location of the rental company. You can also obtain any transportation information (such as shuttle information) and the telephone number of the company from the policies section of our system.

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What documents do I need to present at the time of pick up, what about driving records?

The requirements change from company to company, but in general you must bring a valid driver's license and a valid credit card under the name of the renter. Also you must have a good driving record or the rental can be revoked.

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Online Car Rental Reservation, General Advice and Online Booking Questions
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