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popular car hire destinations in europe

Fuerteventura just 60 miles off the coast of Africa is a warm, sandy island with white washes houses and incredible desert scenery, you could almost be in North Africa. Fuerteventura is the ideal place to get away from it all, with over 150 beautiful beaches, many empty, you can sock up the sun in quiet seclusion. The beaches range from quiet bays to stunningly wild sea’s, take a short drive and discover some of the prettiest untouched beaches on the island.

Gibraltar boasts a superb Mediterranean climate which attracts peolple looking for a little piece of Britain that’s sunny! You can travel around most of Gibraltar (even the upper Rock!) by car.

Glasgow has over the last few years virtually reinvented itself, offering a fantastic choice of entertainment and attractions to suit anyone and everyone. The nightlife is legendary, and the list of places to eat and drink is endless - Glasgow is fast becoming a leading entertainment centre in the north of the UK. Glasgow’s main areas of interest are quite spread out, making hiring a car is an ideal way to get round them all.

Nice is an unquestionable beautiful city, with a stylish, up-market feel. It was Nice where the 18th century Aristocrats travelled from England, Russia and the USA to enjoy a mild climate and lush parkland. Nice is within short drive of the glamorous resorts of Cannes and Monaco, and within easy reach of the rural villages of Province.

Norway is an incredibly beautiful, rugged country with impressive mountains, glaciers and fjords. The people of Norway are a friendly outgoing population, who pride their countries natural wonders. All in all, a great destination for anyone who enjoys a good healthy living, winter sports and delightfully long sunny days.

Sweden is the largest Scandinavian country, although most of the country is sparsely inhabited. The cities in contrast are major, modern urban areas, which still manage to maintain a village like feel - remarkably clean, safe and friendly. The Swedish roads are of a high standard making travelling between cities and towns hassle free.

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hiring a car in the usa

Las Vegas car hire is essential, especially if you plan of leaving the Strip to visit some of the fantastic nearby attractions, including the incredible Grand Canyon, Death Valley and Lake Mead (a massive 300 sqm lake created by the back up of the Colorado River at the Hoover Dam)

Los Angeles the 'City of Angels' - its hard to imagine it was a small ranch town up until the 1850's! Now its a dazzling mixture of cultures, attractions and people. LA is a massive place, with literally thousands of natural (and unnatural!) attractions, car hire is recommended if you want to visit any of the 80 or so cities outside the main Downtown area.

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favourite car hire destinations in australia

Cairns is the doorway to the tropical far north of Australia, nearby attractions include the Great Barrier Reef, Port Douglas, Cape Tribulation and the stunning mountain town of Kuranda - although the city itself is packed with things to do and see including, with lagoons and the spanking Pier Marketplace, equipping Cairns to be a truly international tourist destination.

Perth is definitely an outdoor city it's vibrant, modern and hot! Home to some of Australias best beaches, with Cottesloe beach just 15km away. You can explore evidence of the break up of the Gondwanaland (formerly one of 2 ancient super continents) around Perth and The Darling Ranges - famous for their geological diversity.

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