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Alicante Travel Guide

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Also known as The White Fortress, Alicante is an extremely pleasant town on the southern coast of the region of Valencia. With its long white sandy beaches and busy boulevards it has a traditional holiday atmosphere without resorting to overtly British influences to be found in nearby Benidorm. There is also plenty of historic interest to be found the most popular being the Castle of Santa Barbara, which overlooks the town. Within the 16th century is the Museo de las Hogueras, home of effigies saved from the flames of the Fiesta de Sant Joan. Alicante’s main art collection is exhibited in the Museo Municipal Casa de la Asegurada and is comprised of twentieth century Spanish art mainly from the fifties with a few notable exceptions by Gris, Miro and Picasso.

Of course most visitors to Alicante come in search of sun, sea and sand and as you would imagine the coastline is a real magnate for water-sports enthusiasts. Scuba diving is particularly popular with a truly unique underwater world to be explored to the south in the direction of the island of Tabarca. The beaches at San Juan are probably the town’s most famous feature. During the summer months they become a centre for parties day and night with people of all ages drinking and dancing on the fine white sand. During winter months the beaches remain busy although they are a little less hectic as the large student population takes over and replaces the discotheques with live concerts.

Alicante is certainly a refreshing alternative to most of Spain’s mainland coastal resorts, although it still has a vibrant nightlife and plenty to see and do. It is certainly very picturesque and has a relaxing, hospitable atmosphere making it an ideal holiday destination if you need to wind down and still live a little.

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You are here: kasbah.com - travel guide - Alicante
Alicante Travel Guide, Attractions and Highlights
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