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Anaheim Travel Guide

For a complete change of scene and away from the heat of the city Catalina Island is a great choice for a long day out, or even an extended stay in one of the islands fine resorts.

Check out the latest Park details here along with a few other ideas for making your trip to Anaheim memorable.

The "Happiest Place On Earth" features rides from the Teacups to the Matterhorn. Main Street USA welcomes visitors with a look at America in the19th century. Visitors will enjoy all of the various "lands" and all they have to offer. One of the most visited attractions in the country!† 2003 prices start at $47.00 for the over 10ís and $ 37.00 for 3-10 year olds.

Knott's Berry Farm
With over 160 great rides, shows and attractions, it's no wonder that Knott's Berry Farm is the nation's most popular independent themed amusement park. Enjoy the wild west stunt shows, the thrilling roller coasters, and donít the kid's favourite, Camp Snoopy.

Ripley's "Believe it or Not!" Museum
At Ripley's, visitors are challenged by the eccentric, the unique and the bizarre. And thatís just the normal exhibits! The museum has assembled a collection of real-life phenomena and scores of curiosities that are very strange and also mystifyingly true. Some of the items are even quite beautiful! . But as the say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Universal Studios Hollywood
This is quite a hike across the city from Anaheim but have you have your kids along you may not have a choice in the matter!
Visitors to Universal Studios can take a behind-the-scenes look at the world's largest working movie studio. Rides feature the likes of King Kong, ET, and Jaws, and they feature earthquakes and Back to the Future time travel. Shopping and restaurants are also available in abundance.

Legoland California
This new family theme park is especially meant for kids 2-12. Most of the attractions in the 128-acre park are kid-powered, requiring youngsters to pedal, pull, push or steer their own way. Of course, the park features the LEGO toys and prominent LEGO constructions like Miniland, a scaled down replica of five regions of the U.S. made of 20 million LEGO bricks. There is also the LEGO Mindstorms learning centre featuring computer-equipped facilities utilizing LEGO software. Other attractions include a castle, a roller coaster, a safari adventure, and several boat rides.

Aquarium of the Pacific
This internationally renowned aquarium wows guests with its creative examination of the infinite, astonishing treasures of the Pacific Ocean, the planet's largest, most diverse body of water. The Aquarium of the Pacific explores three regions of the Pacific Ocean: the Southern California/Baja Pacific, the Northern Pacific, and the Tropical Pacific. The aquarium features futuristic design and technology.

San Diego Zoo
All the superlatives heaped on this amazing zoo are entirely justified. This probably is the worldís best zoo and features more than 4,000 rare and exotic animals including pandas, koalas, chimpanzees, and more. Animals are housed in interesting replicas of their natural habitats. The zoo also has night time entertainment. You can take the double deck ho on hop off bus if you donít want to walk all the way round. On the premises is also a world-renowned botanical garden with over 6,500 species of plants.

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