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Anguilla Travel Guide

This small Caribbean island of only 60 square kilometres is surrounded by the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Anguilla is a country which is home to around 12 thousand people, whose official language is English. Most of these people are of Anglican or Methodist religion and their major exporters are boat building and tourism, with Anguilla trading mainly with countries such as the USA and the EU. In 1650, Anguilla became occupied by English settlers, which brought the country, against their wishes, into British rule for more than 100 years. Many endeavours were made to release themselves from Britain but all attempts were vanquished. Much later, in 1971, after a 2-year revolt, Anguilla was finally given the all clear to disaffiliate. This separation was legally recognized in 1980, with Anguilla becoming a separate British dependency.

When visiting Anguilla, travellers will notice that the country has many excellent beaches, perfect for sunbathing or swimming in its tranquil, clear blue waters, especially at Rendezvous Bay and Shoal Bay East. To take advantage of the ocean, visitors should enjoy some snorkelling or diving and with the numerous amounts of sunken ships within its depths, there is much to explore. The best diving areas to travel to are those at Sandy Islands and Prickly Pear Cays. Travellers who prefer to stay on land though, should head off to The Valley, the main town and business hub of Anguilla. The area is small with no official buildings to be seen at all, due to the British having moved all the town’s administration to St Kitts back in 1825. The main attraction to the place though is the shopping; the area is filled to the brim with mini-malls, where visitors can spend the day browsing and spending to their hearts content!

Visitors will find there are no buses on the island and the only way to get about is by renting a vehicle. The roads are in good condition and are quite broad, the only thing visitors need to be aware of are the animals, which may stray onto the road now and again. Taxis are another option and are available day and night, with guided tours of the island an option at a fixed price. If visitors fancy getting about on two wheels instead of four, there is also a good choice of scooter and bicycle hire in The Valley. When it comes to island hopping, travellers will find a numerous amount of small planes available at Anguilla's modern Wallblake Airport, situated at the south end of The Valley.

To actually get into the country, all those American folk have the easiest ride, with flights heading direct to Anguilla. Other countries will need to connect in America or travel to a nearby Caribbean island, using British Airways or Air France, and catch a plane or ferry from there. The best time to go to Anguilla is from December to May, the country’s winter season, when the rains and any hurricanes have ended.

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Anguilla Travel Guide, Attractions and Highlights
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