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Argentina Travel Guide

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Encompassing most of the southern region of South America is the exciting, varied and ever-fascinating Argentina. Home to the tango, the evocative Eva Peron and the ultimate hunters and gatherers, Argentina has countless sights and sounds to entertain from the dullest to the wildest of imaginations.

Bordered by Chile to the west and the expansive Atlantic Ocean to the East, at 1,076,311sq miles, Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world and the second largest in South America. The country has four main geographical areas - the Andes that comprise of arid basins, grape filled foothills, glacial mountains and the Lake district; the North with its fertile lowlands and sub-tropical rainforests; the Central Pampas, a flat mixture of humid and dry expanses and Patagonia, pastoral steppes and glacial areas. The country has 22 national parks, which are home to abundant wildlife, much of it unique - caiman, puma, guanaco, Andean condor and much more. Flora includes thorn forests, virgin rainforest, monkey-puzzle forests and flowering cacti. As you would expect from such a vast country the climate is extremely varied, from the intense heat of Chaco, to the pleasantly warm central Pampas and the sub-Atlantic cold of the Patagonian Sea.

With nearly half of the country's entire population calling Buenos Aires home, the city is no doubt lively and pulsating with modern attitudes mixed with days gone by. In fact, the melting pot of Buenos Aires has been compared to that of New York. When Europeans sailed overseas in search of the land of the free many chose the temperate Buenos Aires over the Big Apple. For this reason alone, the city has a distinctive European, cosmopolitan feel to it. The diversity of it's people highlighted by the city's art, entertainment and most notably it's food, draws people from around the globe year after year. The city's flavour is exemplified profoundly through it's people, culture, energy and most notably it's love for good times. Argentines are extremely friendly by nature and will gladly welcome you to their city in which they take such fierce pride.

If Buenos Aires is the capital of hustle and bustle capital of Argentina then San Carlos de Bariloche (now known simply as Bariloche) is the capital of outdoor activities, recreation and nature loving fun. Set amongst the beautiful lakes of the south and Nahuel Huapi National Park, Bariloche is a dream come true for any sports enthusiast or lover of beauty. Sited as the 'gateway to the Andes' and the 'centre of Argentina's Lake District', Bariloche is perhaps the countryís best located city.

If you've ever been to any European ski resort you will find Bariloche strikingly familiar. In recent years, the quest for sustainable tourist development has failed with the over-development of accommodation facilities. Consequently, Bariloche has become a bustling centre for skiers during the wintertime and hikers during summer. If you don't mind the crowds you will find endless activities to keep you sweatin' for weeks. Skiing and hiking aside, Bariloche also offers optimum conditions for superb fishing, cycling, horseback riding and white water rafting.

Running north to south along the impressive Andes, Argentina is a land of contrasts. Different colours and creeds live harmoniously side by side, brimming with pride for their expansive nation. Enjoy the passion of it's people and their notorious love of fun and frolics and revel in the art of dance, most notably the tango. Wander through the natural delights so sternly protected by an excellent national park system and admire the architecture that remains as a reminder of the past. Argentina is the ideal place to start your southern tour of South America.

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You are here: kasbah.com - travel guide - Argentina
Argentina Travel Guide, Attractions and Highlights
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