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Armenia Travel Guide

Situated in the southern Caucasus, Armenia is the smallest of the former Soviet republics with Azerbaijan to the east, Turkey to the west, Georgia to the north and Iran to the south. Modern Armenia is tiny in size to its older parts and is an area surrounded by mountains and extinct volcanoes, whose highest point is Mount Aragats, at 13,435 ft.

In March and April, the locals will gather between Armeniaís capital, Yerevan and Giumri, to witness the melting of the winterís snow, so deep it is measured in meters, with lush vegetation beginning to appear from underneath. In the summer, the visitors will arrive, to see the same area, a colourful and verdant paradise with not an inch of snow in sight and visitors who venture a few kilometres up Mountt Aragats, or drive into the mountain passes above Vanadzor, or the Siunik Kingdom, will be presented with the countries vast assortment of orchids, poppies, iris cornflowers and gladiolus, which are scattered all over the land.

Armenias high elevations and clear night skies provide some of the best observation points in Europe, due to this there are special excursions which enable visitors to enjoy the countryís natural and historic beauty by day and by evening take part in night time observations from some exceptional locations. The excursion will present some special sights like the spot where a cosmic occurrence was recorded and the chance to meet some actual world-class astronomers.

The capital of Armenia, 20 km west of Yerevan, is where the Supreme Catholicos and the Holy Seat of the Armenian Apostolic Church is located. Armenia was the first country in the world to announce Christianity as its national religion and every Sunday and religious holidays, the cathedral grounds at nearby Etchmiadzin, are filled with many war veterans and families.

The country was nearly destroyed in the early 20th century, when The Soviet Union overtook Armenia for 70 years, placing its monumental buildings and grand military parades all over Armenia. Today though, the only reminder the Armenians have of the Sovietís unwelcome presence is the hideous architecture along the broad and levelled roads. The country also got stung in the early 1990s, for seven years, due to a financial ban imposed by Turkey, putting fuel and other products in short supply. All this though, hasnít swayed Armeniaís people from enjoying their culture and close way of life and visitors will see couples meandering, hand-in-hand together, with the young single women walking arm in arm with their mothers and friends linking arms like sisters.

The best way to reach Armenia is by plane and visitors can come to Armenia by way of Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Beirut Dubai, London, Athens, Zurich, Istanbul and Moscow. After arriving in Armenia, visitors will find that they are only six miles southwest of its capital, Yerevan, with a bus or minibus available to take them to Yerevan itself.

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You are here: kasbah.com - travel guide - Armenia
Armenia Travel Guide, Attractions and Highlights
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