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Atlanta Travel Guide

Atlanta attractions comprise an illustrious mix of historical sites, world-class museums, modern landmarks, parks and gardens and more. Now the largest city in the Southeast, Atlanta played a significant role not only in the Civil War, but also in the subsequent social and political development of the entire United States. Today, numerous historical museums and monuments scattered throughout the city offer visitors a peek into Atlantaís past and rapid coming of age. As interesting as Atlantaís heritage is, being a city always on the cutting edge of industrial evolution, Atlanta's contemporary amenities are equally as enticing. Whether itís a visit to the house of author Margaret Mitchell (Gone With The Wind), a tranquil stroll through the Atlanta Botanical Gardens or an intriguing tour through the CNN Center, Atlantaís attractions are diverse, distinctive and enjoyed by all ages.

Atlanta is one of the grandest metropolises in America and is fast becoming one of the country's most popular tourist destinations. Much of Atlantaís acclaim as well as its rapid growth is due to the many recreational opportunities offered both in the city and in surrounding areas. Whether you enjoy spectator sports, fishing, golf, tennis, parks and gardens or even kayaking, youíll soon find that there is more to this city than skyscrapers, Freaknick and John Rocker.

For those who enjoy the arts, Atlanta is the place for you. There is no shortage of fantastic music, dance, theater, and visual art for all ages and types in this city. A visit to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens will delight you with the beautiful environmentally-controlled vistas. Atlanta is especially alive in the form of dance. The oldest continually operating ballet in the United States is Atlanta Ballet, and modern dance is represented at its finest.

Atlanta has joined the ranks of great dining cities by offering international cuisine in over 8,000 restaurants throughout the area. Many outstanding restaurants began to crop up just before the 1996 Olympic Games came to town, drawing numerous innovative chefs to the city. Known for itís traditional Southern cuisine, Atlanta also offers ethnic delights including sushi, dim sum, noodle houses and burritos. The Atlanta Restaurant Marketing Association boasts more award-winning chefs than any other coalition in.

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Atlanta top highlights

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