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Australia Travel Guide

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Australia, the largest island on earth and the smallest continent. It also boasts to being one of the most progressive nations in the world with one of the oldest civilizations. Australia is full of paradoxes most of which stem from the struggle to move forward yet hold on to the traditional cultures that date back some 30,000 years or more. To visit Australia is for many to experience life to the full. It is a fascinating, challenging country that can shock the senses and will almost certainly broaden a visitor’s palate. From the majestic, space-age ambience of the Sydney Opera house to the imposing, sacrosanct Uluru (Ayers Rock); from the vast living, breathing sub-aquascape of the Great Barrier Reef to the endless, arid desolation of the Outback, Australia is a land where nature, magic and modern technology keep precarious balance.

The diversity of Australia is mirrored in the individualism of it's cities. Sydney, possibly the most spectacularly situated city in the world and the nation’s premier metropolis, mixes a flare for groundbreaking architecture, a love of the arts and high-powered commerce. Melbourne, with it's charming verdant bay side, is a truly cosmopolitan city where a fanaticism for sports lives in harmony with the avant-garde. People flock to Melbourne to shop, dine and enjoy the exciting nightlife. Cairns is the Far North’s tourist capital and an ideal place from which to explore Queensland with trips to the Great Barrier Reef, Green and Fitzroy Islands, the Atherton Table land and the 30miles of superb beaches that stretch to Port Douglas. Brisbane is fast becoming one of the country's most progressive, cosmopolitan conurbations whilst Adelaide combines beautiful parklands and old world charm with spectacular mountain scenery. The country is scattered with myriad smaller settlements and towns such as the old pearling town of Broome with it's bohemian charm; the Barossa Valley is famous for it's Germanic heritage and fine wines whilst Alice Springs is the quintessential desert community right in the centre of the country.

Those with a taste for adventure should look no further. From the 500miles Flinders Mountain Range to the Great Ocean Road, Kakadu National Park to the Snowy Mountains of NSW there are endless marvellous places to explore. For those wanting a beach holiday Australia is arguably ‘destination number one’ with thousands of miles of sun-drenched golden and white sands, clear blue waters and superb surfing and fishing opportunities. If you think that Neighbours and Home and Away are what Australia is all about, think again, you’re way off the mark. It is a land of extremes, cosmopolitan, conservative, modern, ancient, harsh, beautiful, challenging, easy going and totally enthralling.

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You are here: kasbah.com - travel guide - Australia
Australia Travel Guide, Attractions and Highlights
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