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Bahrain Travel Guide

The country was first captured in 1521, by Portuguese explorers but by 1602, Bahrain was overtaken by the Persians. In 1783, the Al-Khalifa family regained the country, until they were persuaded to sign treaties to hand it over to Great Britain in 1861. In 1973, Bahrain became an independent legitimate dominion and by 1975, the royal family took over and still remain unchallenged rulers.

Made up of a group of 33 islands, Bahrain is located off the east coast of Saudi Arabia and sits within the Arabian Gulf. The country links to the Sitra and Muharraq causeways and has the same name as the largest island of the group, Bahrain, whose island area is a total of 586.5 square kilometres. Besides the main islands that make up the country, there are also a number of smaller islands, which are mostly unpopulated and are only visited by a mixture of migrating birds during spring and autumn and avid birdwatchers.

The people here are mainly Bahrani, with some Asian, Arab and Iranian inhabitants also living in the country, as such the languages spoken in Bahrain consist of Arabic, Persian and English, with English being well known amongst businesses, who speak the language most of the time. The inhabitants of Bahrain are of a Muslim religion, with the two types being Shi'a Muslim and Sunni Muslim, both of which are meticulously put into practice, with places of worship dotted all over the land.

Manama is Bahrain’s capital city, situated in the northern parts of the island, the largest city in the country, with around one-third of the entire population residing there. Even though the city is very modern with fancy hotels and big businesses, the traditional way of life continues on, with women covered from head to toe and any female tourists are asked to wear long skirts, whilst visiting the country. On the outskirts of the city there are many areas where traditional craftwork is still carried out by the locals including dhow boat building, pottery and jewellery making and cloth weaving, all great souvenirs to take back home…except for the boat of course!

The easier and more frequent flights to Bahrain are found within Europe, with the United States providing fewer departures directly into the country. Before jetting off though, visitors need to find out the best time to go, as different seasons provide varying changes in weather conditions. When it comes to the summer months in Bahrain, tourists will find temperatures exceeding 36 degrees Celsius, so to avoid the muggy, overly hot temperatures, visitors are best going from November through April, when the heat and humidity are very temperate.

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