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Banbury Travel Guide

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Few people in England will have escaped infancy without having to learn “Ride a cock horse”. Quite who the fine lady was is still a matter of conjecture in the town. Where she rode to however is no mystery, still very much the historic focal point of the town Banbury Cross is the town’s most famous landmark. The original cross was pulled down 400 years ago and it was not until 1859 that the present Cross was built.

Roughly midway between London and Birmingham and connected to both cities by the M40 Banbury today is a harmonious blend of old and new. The town centre retains a wealth of historic houses and public buildings. The newly opened Banbury Museum & Tooley’s Boatyard is an impressive and ambitious project displaying the key elements that have forged the town’s history, including exhibits on the English Civil war and the Oxford Canal, alongside which the museum is sited.

The Oxford Canal passes through the town centre where it now plays an integral part of modern Banbury’s life. Castle Quay is now the town’s major shopping centre containing all the ‘big name’ stores and a number of cafes and restaurants. Banbury has a broad range of pubs and clubs hosting a variety of musical and other entertainments. In and around Banbury there are plenty of restaurants providing a wealth of international cuisines.

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You are here: kasbah.com - travel guide - Banbury
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