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Canada Travel Guide

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Covering nearly four million square miles, encompassing six time zones and bordering three oceans, Canada is the world's second largest country next to Russia. Although the country is enormous in size, it is relatively small in population with only thirty million people calling it home. Canada is a country of vast diversity and contrasting landscape. The Pacific and Atlantic coastlines, the fertile plains, hills, rock, ice, lakes and rivers all make up Canada's magnificent mosaic. It is not only however it's topography that is assorted, but it's people. It is a land of open hearts and minds, a land where differences are celebrated and where several creeds and colours live side by side in harmony. Ten provinces and three territories make up the true north of North America.

Canada’s three major cities Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are all unique, progessive and making their way to the list of world-class cities. Toronto, the largest of the three dominates Canada as a cosmopolitan centre and with the CN tower defining it's skyline it is certainly Canada’s most recognisable city. With festivals, restaurants, ethnic neighbourhoods and monuments to outshine anywhere else in Canada, Toronto has become a hot spot for film production, fashion houses, music and setting the trends.

Of course there is much more to Canada than it's city centres. With a landscape that goes like this from west to east - Pacific Ocean, Rocky Mountains, Prairie, Lakeland, Rock, Forest, Atlantic Ocean not to mention thousands of lakes among them a few of the Great ones, glaciers, icefields, Niagara Falls, the Arctic, rolling hills and streams in between, it is not hard to figure out that the heart and soul of this gentle nation lies in the great outdoors. Outdoor recreation, the most popular being skiing in the Rockies, is in abundance. Each province offers a range of recreational activities from mountain climbing to ice fishing, golfing, swimming and the always fascinating whale watching off Vancouver Island.

Canada’s four distinct seasons makes it’s offerings, climate and appearance so variable that each visit to Canada can be as similar or different as you want it to be. With it's rugged, wide open atmosphere, Canada is the ideal land for frontiers and freedom-seekers.

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You are here: kasbah.com - travel guide - Canada
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