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Cancun Travel Guide

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Dazzling white sandy beaches and azure waters perhaps arenít the first things you associate with Mexico, but thatís exactly whatís on the menu when heading to Cancun for sun-drenched fun on the Caribbean Coast. Cancun, located on a thin spit of land on the northeast Yucatan Peninsular is a purpose built resort which retains a strong Mexican vibe despite the strong American influence. A thriving cluster of hotels, bars, restaurants and nightclubs fringes the 12 miles of spectacular beaches making Cancun a throbbing centre of entertainment both on and off the sands. There is also a wide range of water sports on offer making the most of the crystal clear Caribbean waters thronging with vibrant tropical fish and other marine life. The reef protected sheltered bays and coves are ideal for scuba diving and snorkelling amongst the spectacular marine kaleidoscope. There is also the opportunity to visit some nearby Mayan ruins for a bit of a cultural splash into the bargain.

Sitting 71km south of Cancun is Cozumel Ė the largest of the Mexican islands and a natural haven for marine life, made famous by the late, great Jacques Cousteau. The stunning Palancar Reef in particular is an underwater paradise for divers and the waters are usually so warm that many divers explore their splendour without a wetsuit. With itís small number of hotels and restaurants, Cozumel is a much more tranquil place than Cancun and has been classed as one of the safest places to visit in Mexico. Mexico offers a truly diverse selection of resorts that should suit most sun-seekers, looking for that little bit of extra Mexican spice.

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You are here: kasbah.com - travel guide - Cancun
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