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Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca Travel Guide

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Arguably the most famous coast in Spain, Costa Blanca or the White Coast has become a favourite spot amongst British holidaymakers. Mountains running parallel to the sea curtain the north coast. Here you can marvel at the Moorish villages, wander through the olive trees or discover hidden coves. To the south is where you will find your palm-fringed beaches, sparkling sea and masses of cafes and restaurants to satisfy your every craving. Of course the biggest attraction to Costa Blanca is the expansive holiday ‘playground’ Benidorm. A tourist magnet in every sense of the word, Benidorm offers every amenity under the sun. With a safe, kindred atmosphere, safe waters to wade in and plenty of arranged activities to partake in, Benidorm makes for an excellent family resort.

Poniete and Levante, the two main beaches along the 3 mile coast is separated by a rocky headland where the original ‘old village’ still exists and the surrounding area still has some charming sites to explore. Most notably is the small town of Guadelest where a portion of the town was built inside the mountain. Crawl through a tunnel and you will discover the uniqueness of this small town. Then again, if you’re not exactly the history buff but more of an action man, don’t fret, Benidorm boasts more than 40 clubs, 160 disco pubs and almost 1000 bars and cafes, so nightlife is certainly alive and kicking. Therefore, bake in the sun, become part of the landscape along the main avenues or hide away at a secret cove. Whatever you fancy, Costa Blanca is sure to please.

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