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Denmark Travel Guide

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Erupting northwards from Germany on the Jutland peninsula is Denmark and over 400 of it's little islands, only one hundred of which are inhabited. Greenland and the Faroe Islands are also under the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Denmark, although both maintain home rule. Denmark is the baby of Scandinavia, being the smallest and most southern of all of it's countries and is also renowned as being one of the flattest landscapes in the world. It's low-lying, fertile countryside is peppered with beech woods, small lakes and of course, Denmark's famous fjords. Thankfully, the coastline of Denmark varies much more than it's gradient and it's shores alternate from broad sandy stretches and undulating dunes to secluded little coves, white cliffs and placid fjords making Denmark's coastline one of the country's major assets. Flat though it undoubtedly is, the few soft rolling hills and valleys provide the country with some truly breathtaking views. The landscape is filled with scenic little villages and towns, historic castles and monuments and there are also a number of exciting cities.

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. Founded in 1167, the city has over 50 museums, 2 amusement parks, 15 royal castles, a beautiful harbour and a celebrity son in the shape of Hans Christian Andersen. Indeed, the cosmopolitan city of Copenhagen is most famous for Andersen's 'Little Mermaid' whose statue at the harbour entrance has become the trademark image of the city. With it's characteristic copper roofs and spires and brightly coloured houses, Copenhagen has an abundance old buildings, fountains, statues and squares that ooze a laid back charm. Denmark is literally dotted with fabulous towns and cities with their own distinguishing charisma. The country's oldest and best preserved town is Ribe with it's old cobblestone streets and beautiful buildings, many of them linked to famous figures from the thousand year history of this charming little town. Conversely, there is the incredibly modern university city of Ĺrhus with it's thriving café scene and young population. Of course, one of Denmark's most famous modern attractions is Legoland

This world of brightly coloured miniature bricks is Northern Europe's favourite theme park and is perfect for the entire family, young and old alike. But no-one should forget the Danish islands, each of which has it's very own unique style and attraction with some of the cleanest and tidiest coastlines in Europe. Denmark has a certain timeless charm and although boasting an incredible Viking history, the country exhibits a quaint childlike quality that is simply intoxicating.

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Denmark Travel Guide, Attractions and Highlights
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