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Dunk Island

Dunk Island Travel Guide

Probably one of the best known and most beautiful of Australia's tropic islands, Dunk Island is just 4 miles east of the Queensland coastal town of Mission Beach, halfway between Cairns and Townsville. It's a nature lover's dreamland with most of the island being national park land.

It's one of a handful of Tropical Rainforest Islands close to the Great Barrier Reef, so as one would imagine, Dunk has some of the best snorkelling, diving and fishing in the whole of Australia. About four main boats depart the island each day taking guests to the outer Great Barrier Reef to experience first hand this awesome world heritage nature park.

A jungle walk is the best way to explore the enchanting rainforest with its 150 different species of birds, many dragonflies and colourful beetles as well as the remarkable electric blue Ulysses butterfly, with a wing span of 10 cm, it's one of the most beautiful in the world and the symbol of Dunk Island.

There are many secluded beaches to discover all with gentle waves lapping at the golden sands. Being one of Australia's most Easterly islands sunsets here are amazing, you can almost hear the sizzle as the sun sinks into the ocean on the horizon.

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