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If you could possibly pinpoint the friendliest people on earth it may well be the Fijians. Everyone you meet has a wide, expansive smile and it's sincere to boot. Often visited as a side-trip or appointed as an en route destination to Australia or New Zealand, Fiji enjoys welcoming visitors from around the globe with the most easy-going manner imaginable. Some find this quite ironic as there was once rumour of cannibalism on the isles. Now they'll have you for dinner quite happily…..but not in the literal sense!

The Fijian mix of South Pacific people and East Indians has created a beautiful fusion of spices and flavours. Of course, international cuisine is available in the bigger centres but do be adventurous and try some of the local cuisine, your palate will welcome the change. As for the national drink well, hallelujah for kava ! This local concoction has been around since the beginning of time. A mix of a mildly narcotic root and other local herbs, kava is a drink that has had a full ceremony surrounding it since it's discovery so it must be pretty special. You will be offered to try a sample almost upon arrival. If travelling to smaller islands where tradition is still strictly followed show respect for the chief and just trail along with the ceremony.

Ceremony and tradition is most evident on the smaller islands where locals will welcome you to join in their daily routine. Grass huts are the most common accommodation found on the islands and are often located right smack in the middle of a small Fijian community where they will welcome you to tell them stories, listen to theirs, watch their children act out a play, join in a fire walking ceremony or catch dinner with the local fishermen. It is on the smaller, less populated islands that you will feel you are taking part in an authentic South Pacific adventure. Some great islands to visit include the Yasawa Group, Lomaiviti, Moala and Taveuni.

As far as the mainland goes Suva and < a href="http://www.fijivision.com/guide/Nadi.html" target="_blank">Nadi are the two main centres. Nadi houses the airport, a sea of accommodations, restaurants and markets whereas Suva houses the government, museums and university. Being a bit of a student town, blended with political people, industrial folk and a multicultural mix, Suva has a varied food and fun scene. It is most likely though that people flock to the Fiji Islands for its superb weather, sweeping beaches and excellent watersports.

Whether you explore the cities, the villages in between or the quieter islands one thing is certain, Fiji will leave you with the memory of a South Pacific paradise that will be tough to beat the world over. Fiji is truly an illustration of unreal beauty from it's landscape down to it's people.

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