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Florida Travel Guide

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Within the ‘Sunshine State’, Miami and Orlando are possibly the most well known of the Florida resorts. Miami, with it’s bright Art Deco architecture, all year round blazing sun and miles of sandy beach makes for an extremely chic and stylish way to get that tan. With a large helping of restaurants, bars and entertainment to go at, there is plenty to do, and the mix of North American, Caribbean and Hispanic cultures gives it an interesting and lively ambience. Orlando, of course is unmistakeable in it’s appeal. It is so completely chock full of theme parks, fun parks, water parks and space centres it takes no effort at all to find somewhere to spend a fun packed day. Walt Disney World, Disney MGM Studios, Universal Studios, Gatorland, Sea World, Splendid China, Watermania, the Kennedy Space Centre. The list is endless.

On a slightly different tack, and for fun all the way with dozens of clubs, bars and beach nightspots, check out Fort Lauderdale – the ‘Venice of America’ with it’s 175 miles of inland waterways. The white sandy beach is bordered by a broad path along which you can go rollerblading, running or simply strolling. Failing that, there is always St Petersburg with it’s 7m long St Pete Beach boasting an amazing sunshine record and a fantastic water sports programme. In addition to that there is Clearwater – one of the most popular and dynamic resorts of the Gulf Coast. With scuba, snorkelling, dolphin watching and a lively pier it is a major Florida hotspot. Alternatively, for a more soothing experience head for the Florida Keys with it’s hundred or so miles of white, sandy tropical islands and marine splendour, or Venice Beach - a tranquil stretch of white sand and the shark’s tooth capital of the state of pure sunshine.
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Florida Travel Guide, Attractions and Highlights
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