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Forget the apparent lack of sense of humour, Germans may well have a reputation for straight-faced efficiency but the reality is a little different. Germany is one the cultural capitals of Europe, it's most famous sons placed at the very apex of the art, music and literary worlds. Goethe, Beethoven, Bach, Wagner, Vischer, Durer, Neumann, Fassbinder and Herzog to name a few have all left indelible marks upon their chosen pursuits. This is a land of vast forest, huge elegant cities, renaissance, gothic and medieval castles, snow capped mountains and sparkling pure lakes. Germany is much more than sausage, beer and Bavarian lederhosen.

Since the Wall came down the regeneration and unification has been relentless but Berlin still remains a city divided - the west embracing alternative lifestyles and vibrant nightlife, the east a living museum of industrial, commercial urbanisation. The historic and cultural aspect of the city, with it's plethora of imposing monuments and numerous world-class museums is matched only by the vibrant and vastly diverse nightlife. For many, Hamburg conjures up pictures of the notoriously seedy nightlife but Germany’s second largest city has much more to offer than pleasures of the flesh. It is Europe’s greenest city with some 1,400 parks and gardens, the wonderful Alster Lake and verdant areas of farm and woodlands. As the prosperous capital of Bavaria, Munich is a vibrant city with an impressive selection of museums, theatres, galleries, cathedrals, monuments, castles and exquisite Baroque and Renaissance churches. There is also the world famous Oktoberfest a must for any true beer connoisseur. Frankfurt is Germany’s geographical centre and home to the richest collection of culture in the country. The highlight is the Stadel Museum with it's unrivalled collection of great art from the Renaissance to the 20th century.

Away from the cities Germany also has much to attract visitors. Although not quite the Alps, the Harz Mountains offer good all round sports facilities especially for cross country ski enthusiasts. The Frisian Islands off the northwest coast are a haven for lovers of sun and sand with lovely dunes, pure air and popular spa resorts. Heidelberg may well be most famous for it's fabulous Gothic Renaissance castle and 220,000 litre Great Vat attracting some 4 million tourists each year, but it’s easy to escape the throngs by following the picturesque trails through the surrounding hills.

Germany has much to offer the discerning traveller. Visitors may be disappointed by the cuisine i.e. sausages, potatoes, sausages, cold meats, sausages... and this is certainly not a country for weight-watchers. Beer is the national obsession and is uniformly excellent and fairly cheap and you can make impromptu visits to many of the countless small breweries scattered throughout the country. Germans embrace challenge, they are sophisticated yet traditionalists, forward thinking and open minded, hospitable and courteous to a fault. In short, a great country for travellers.

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Germany Travel Guide, Attractions and Highlights
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