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The birthplace of modern civilisation, the place of legends and the mythological centre of the Universe, Greece’s history and culture have enjoyed a more far flung influence than any other. Greece really is a living breathing museum, it's countryside and settlements liberally strewn with archaeological wonders, it's people fanatically traditional. But don’t be put off. The Hellenic Republic (to give it it's official title) is far from a stuffy hideaway for historians, philosophers and scholars. Greeks also embrace the legacy of their favourite god Dionysus, which means a good time is never far away. Greece also enjoys quite possibly the best climate in the Mediterranean along with stunning beaches, clear turquoise waters and often, breathtaking inland scenery.

The capital Athens has had a pretty bad rap, renowned for being a sprawling concrete jungle, traffic choked, smog infested, overcrowded, and unbearably hot. But in all honesty, Athens is a city well worth a visit, for beyond the urban chaos there is a whole world of wonders to discover. First stop has to be the Acropolis, the most sacred rock in the ancient world and the very symbol of Athens since time immemorial. Amongst the enigmatic remains at the Acropolis is one of the most important ancient structures in the world - the Parthenon which can only be described as totally awe-inspiring. The site of the Agora is a history lesson in itself and includes some of the best-preserved examples of ancient Greek temples in the world. Alongside the ancient stands the modern and the entertainment and nightlife is nothing short of colossal with some of the city’s largest nightclubs accommodating up to 5000 customers. Most people however opt for a more gentle Greece in the form of the intriguing, often unique islands of the various archipelagos. Amongst the many island chains to choose from, there are the Sporadic Islands, a series of lush mountainous islands filled with beautiful forests, olive groves and golden sandy beaches; the Cycladics, easily the most popular of the Greek island chains and a favourite with ‘island hoppers’; the Dodecanese, home to legendary Rhodes and the Ionian Islands, dominated by Corfu.

Beyond the monuments and ruins Greece has a natural magic all of its own - the misty heights of Mount Olympus invoke visions of the ancient gods at home, the towering rocks of Meteora topped by enchanting monasteries and the magnificent Amfissa olive groves near Delphi. Despite the relentless growth of the holiday industry across much of Greece, epitomised by the ubiquitous Club Med style holiday complexes, there are still myriad pockets of paradise to be found off the beaten track. Even in the most commercialised towns and cities one still finds an air of tradition and concessions to the ‘old way’ are as wide spread as those to tourism. The best thing about Greece is probably the choice of destinations especially amongst the islands and with a little searching you’re bound to find the place that suits you just fine.

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