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Havana Travel Guide

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Since the Government opened Cuba up to tourist trade, Havana has become one of the world's hottest destinations for those seeking a more alternative experience. Latin lovers, Cuban beats, vibrant culture, and exotic rhythm - all of this can be found in Havana. Famous mostly for its 1950's time-warp ambience, colourful cadillacs and thigh-rolled cigars, Havana is full of white coral limestone buildings, rambunctious nightlife and outstanding cultural activities ranging from cinemas, historic theatres, cabarets, and music to ancient cemeteries and cathedrals. In fact, one of Havana's most visited sites is the Plaza de la Catedral, one of the most gorgeous squares in the city, dominated by the beautiful but unequal towers of the Catedral de San Christobal de La Habana and brimming with lively handicraft markets at the weekend. Havana is best explored on foot and there are many walking tours available catering to specific interests or you can venture out on your own and just mosey about absorbing the Cuban energy. If safety is a concern, there is a heavy police presence that is reassuring. With 4000 hours of sunlight a year, temperate days and balmy nights, Havana also has the obvious attraction of the beach and the warm ocean to help the visitor play out the finest form of escapism.

Other must see's in Havana include the Calle Obispo ,running off Plaza de Armas, filled with fashion stores and alfresco cafes, it was once a major hang out of Hemingway and his chums. Other sites in Old Havana include the 400yr old seat of authority and power in Cuba - the Royal Palm-studded Plaza de Armas , where there is also a large second-hand book market at weekends and the striking Palacio de los Capitanes Generales one of the country's most magnificent buildings. Havana most famously lays claim to over 20 state authorised cigar shops, although beware the hoards of street hustlers trying to sell you home-made cigars, rolled on only God knows what and so to guarantee quality, try a cigar tasting tour. And as a grand finale to your stay, check out the famous Tropicana nightclub, the mother of all clubs in Havana. Every night more than 200 scantily clad girls parade on stage in stilettos and gargantuan headdresses - Copa Cobana gone mad. That's Havana.

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You are here: kasbah.com - travel guide - Havana
Havana Travel Guide, Attractions and Highlights
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