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Hawaii Travel Guide

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Each Hawaiian island is unique with its own personality. This group of volcanic islands is indisputably one of the most exquisite and awe-inspiring places on the planet. The 'Aloha' spirit of greeting guests and the warmth of the islanders on Hawaii ensures that there are no strangers in this paradise. The Hawaiian terrain is diverse, ranging from thriving tropical forest to arid desert to desolate lava flows, as are the beaches. They vary from bright white to dark black sands, some with fantastic surf others with fascinating snorkelling.

Oahu is the most popular tourist destination and has witnessed the most development; despite this you can still find quiet beaches and almost untouched areas. Honolulu is a delightful modern city with its first-rate beaches, outstanding parks and a wide choice of shops and excellent eating-places. The city's legendary beach area Waikiki thrives all year round with swimmers, surfers, boogie boarders, water skiers, para-sailers and of course, sun-tanners. Sunset beach is a well-visited spot on the island as the area really captures the true essence of Hawaii. A boat ride visit to the Pearl Harbour Memorial is a moving experience and no visit to the island would seem respectful without sparing a thought for the massive loss of human life after the Japanese attack here during WWII.

The island of Hawaii, (Big Island) is an amazing land with its snow-capped mountains, erupting volcanoes and stunning greenery. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park takes you on an awesome journey past tropical beaches to the frozen peak of Mauna Loa. You can even walk across the steaming craters of Kilauea Volcano still sizzling after its eruption in 1959. The valley island of Maui is the second largest of the islands and has the best beaches and wonderful forest reserve. It's dominated by the biggest dormant volcano in the world, Haleakala, where you can go on a tremendous hike across the crater, a fantastic place for watching the sunrise.

The smaller islands of Kauai Molokai and Lanai are all as lush and inviting as their big sisters. With such tranquil coves, friendly little towns and tropical splendour, deciding where in Hawaii to spend the most time, really leaves you spoilt for choice.

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Hawaii Travel Guide, Attractions and Highlights
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