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Hungary Travel Guide

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Situated in the very heart of western Europe, Hungary is a country rich in culture and history, it's towns and cities virtually living breathing works of art, it's people quintessentially European - intellectual, hard working and hospitable. It is a country of diversity covered with things that will impress, astonish and above all please - magnificent cities, medieval towns and villages, Baroque and Renaissance palaces, ruined castles and fortresses, thermal hot springs, rolling plains, lush forests, vast lakes and wetlands. Just to visit it's capital Budapest http://www.budapest.com/ is a lifetime experience, but to travel this land and try to fully understand it's history, it's art and it's folklore would take a lifetime.

Budapest is where most travellers arrive and leave, and where many of them remain throughout their stay - and who could really blame them? It is by far one of the most magical, fascinating and cultured cities in the world. Situated on the banks of the Danube it is romance personified; the seamless blend of architectural wonders lending an air of time standing still. Stroll around the walled-castle district of the medieval Old Town, visit the many great museums and galleries, marvel at the Roman ruins of Obua and Aquinam, lose yourself in the wild and sophisticated nightlife or simply take a step back and gaze in astonishment at the unbelievable beauty all around.

Away from the capital the country is equally, if not more fascinating. The resort of Balantonfured on the northern shore of mighty Lake Balaton http://www.balaton.hu/en_index.asp was once a popular writer's colony; today it is a stylish resort that combines an artistic sensibility with the comforts of a high-class spa town. In Pecs you will find the finest and largest example of architecture remaining from the Turkish invasion, the spectacular Turkish Mosque Church. The Abbey at Pannonhalma is a marvel of architectural styles, a result of several rebuilds - Turkish, Romanesque and Gothic; originally built by Benedictine monks 1000 years ago it is home to the largest private library in Hungary. Near to Budapest on a hill overlooking the banks of the Danube, the ruins of the castle of Visegrad is where Haydn composed music for Prince Ezterhazy's twice weekly dinner parties. One of Hungary's most picturesque locations however is the town of Eger, flanked by beautiful mountains and chock full of incredible Baroque architecture, it is also home to that most famous of Hungarian exports, Bulls Blood wine.

Hungary is a treasure trove of wonders both natural and man-made. It is as if the Hungarian people have striven to compliment this beautiful land with creations of equal elegance. There is a warmth to the place that cuts through the sophistication, creating something almost tangibly otherworldly. To wake up home from a visit to Hungary is to wake up from a magical dream.

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You are here: kasbah.com - travel guide - Hungary
Hungary Travel Guide, Attractions and Highlights
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