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The third largest island in the West Indies and arguably the most famous, Jamaica is an island of vast geographical diversity. Crossed by the iconic Blue Mountain Range which peak at 7402ft, the island is a mixture of the most abundant tropical and subtropical vegetation to be found in the Caribbean with rugged limestone outcrops and idyllic beaches. A series of holiday complexes, each overlooking white sandy beaches and turquoise blue water overrun the northern coastline. In stark contrast, Cockpit Country is a virtually impenetrable jungle region peppered with bush-covered hills, huge sinkholes and flat valley floors. The climate is tropical maritime with virtually no temperature fluctuation. Hurricane season runs from June to November but bad storms are pretty rare.

Music is as much a part of Jamaica as the beaches, bongs and jerk chicken. Home to the reggae king Bob Marley and the musical form itself, Jamaica is always pulsating with rhythms and beats to keep your hips swinging and feet tapping until sunrise. However, it is not just reggae that dominates the music scene, Calypso, ska, African tribal music and mento are also featured in this vibrant nation. With music comes a pumping nightlife that heats up and spills over into daylight. Beach bars, clubs and just a sing-song on the beach are Jamaicaís favourite venues for some serious chilliní.

With sweeping beaches, a variety of water sports and the warm inviting sea, the northcoast of Jamaica dominates the tourist trade, arguably to an unsustainable point. The most visited areas in the north include Montego Bay, the all-inclusive capital of Jamaica, Ochos Rios, cruise and honeymoon-ville and Port Antonio. Often overlooked is the beautiful, untouched south coast of Jamaica where some of the nation's most authentic people, art and culture reside.

Kingston, the capital of Jamaica - often skipped on the travellerís itinerary due to it's negative image as a gun-slinging, hard-drug dealing crime haven - has started to gain popularity as a cultural start to any Jamaican adventure, despite a certain amount of truth to it's label. The top attractions in Kingston include the Bob Marley Museum and Lime Cay. Jamaica a lot more to it than rum and reggae, ya man!

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