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Kefalonia Travel Guide

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After Mytilini in the northeast Aegean, Kefallonia enjoys the most sunny-days in all of Greece. The largest of the Ionian Islands it is stunningly scenic. Small tranquil lakes nestle at the bottom of massive rugged mountains where olive trees grow, despite the seemingly arid ground. The beaches are uniformly beautiful and the landscape fascinatingly varied. Although the island has some concessions to tourism itís certainly not in anywhere near the same league as Corfu or Zakynthos. The port of Sami nestles in a gently curving bay flanked by lovely beaches and enjoys a great view of the narrow entry and Ithica beyond. Lixouri to the east is Kefalloniaís second largest town. Here you can visit the splendid mansion of Jakovatou and the Philharmonic School. Kefalloniaís main resort is Skala, which is actually comprised of six villages with several excellent sandy beaches surrounded by pine trees.

For those who havenít visited the country before and want a taste of untamed Greece, Kefallonia is probably a good bet. The tourist structure is such that it doesnít infringe on the natural beauty, which means you can enjoy all the creature comforts of home whilst soaking up the luxuries of a sun drenched paradise in near if not total seclusion.

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You are here: kasbah.com - travel guide - Kefalonia
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