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Korea Travel Guide

The Korean cape is roughly 612 miles long and 105 miles wide at its most tapered point and the mountains envelop around 70% of Korea's landmass, making the country one of the most mountainous areas worldwide. The democratic Republic of Korea in the south is separated from communist North Korea by a demilitarised zone. South Korea is an area of 99,500 square kilometres and has around 48 million people living there. The region is actually made up of 9 provinces, the capital of Seoul and the cities of Incheon, Daejeon, Busan, Ulsan Daegu and Gwangju. North Korea is a bit bigger with an area of 120,540 square kilometres and a population of 23 million.

The Korean people are of one ethnicity and speak only one language, which is Korean. Back in time they were believed to be descendants of different Mongol tribes that came into the Korean Peninsula from Central Asia. By the 7th century, the different countries of the isthmus were united under the Silla Kingdom, which reigned from 57 B.C. to 935 A.D. Such homogeneity has facilitated Koreans to be virtually free from any ethnic struggles and thas helped them to keep a solid cohesion with each other.

There are many royal palaces to see in South Korea, with museums galore and historic monuments to be sighted in North Korea. Activity wise, Korea offers the best skiing in the world especially at the very popular Gyeonggi Province, where the most excellent facilitated ski resorts of Bears Town Resort, Yangji Pine Resort and Jisan Forest Resort are found, all of which are only one hour away from the capital. Weather-wise, Korea has a very continental climate mixed with a monsoon climate with each season being very distinct from the other. In Spring, from March till May the temperature is warm, summer, which lasts from June till early September is very hot and humid, with Autumn from September to November being mild and the best time to visit the country. Winter, which arrives in December and lasts till the middle of March is a very cold period with heavy snow providing perfect conditions for a bit of skiing!

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