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La Paz

La Paz Travel Guide

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La Paz is a city guaranteed to make your head spin, and not least of all because it happens to be the highest capital city in the world, and at 3632m (11,910ft) above sea level, your head will definitely spin before you adjust to the high altitude. High up on Bolivia's famous plateau - the Altiplano, the capital city of La Paz even boasts to having it's own slightly chillier microclimate. With a veritable wealth of museums, markets, churches, sights, and nightclubs, there is plenty to both see and do in this lesser known Andean gem. There are a surprising number of museums in La Paz, all dedicated to honouring Bolivia's extravagant and intriguing past that stretches back thousands of years. The Museo Nacional de Arqueologia is particularly worth a look in for it's abundance of fascinating artefacts from the Tiahuanacu culture. Other historical hot spots to see include the fire-plagued Presidential Palace earning it's nickname of the Palacio Quemado (Burnt Palace) and the nearby impressive 19th century Cathedral, built in 1835 in the Plaza Murillo.1000yr old ruins of Tiahuanaco Lake Titicaca - the highest lake in the world and the town of Copacabana, home to the Virgen of Copacabana and pilgrim magnet each year when the Virgin's festivities roll around. The air is thin, the food is hot and spicy and the people friendly, La Paz is one of South America's best kept secrets and once you've adjusted to the altitude, your head will just keep on spinning.

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