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Lima Travel Guide

As the capital of darkest Peru and the major sprawling metropolis of this luscious rain forested country, Lima is a lively and bustling Latin American city. Straddling both banks of the Rio Rimac on the edge of the coastal desert, Lima is a total contrast to the natural splendour of the country and isn't everybody's cup of tea. The multi-faceted nature of this city means there are both good and bad elements in abundance, but if you take the time to discover the fantastic aspects of this city through the noise and crowded, traffic congested streets, you will be well rewarded. In fact, Lima is crammed with intricate traditional colonial architecture, more famous places than you can shake a stick at, a lively cultural and arts scene, fantastic dining and nightlife plus a veritable mass of historic monuments. Lima also boasts to having the best museums in the entire country containing some of the Inca nation's greatest treasures. In particular, the magnificient Museo Nacional de Antropologia, Arqueologiae Historia boasts one of the biggest collections of pieces and jewels of gold, silver, semi precious stones, ceramic and textiles of various MesoAmerican cultures, whilst the Museo de Oro del Peru is packed with pre-Columbian metals, weavings and mummies. Unesco has even declared Lima's old city, where most of the city's sights can be found, a World Heritage Site.

Attractions to be found within the old city include the elaborate Palacio Torre Tagle, the city's best surviving example of colonial architecture, whilst San Francisco and the Plaza Mayor are also brimming with wonderful buildings. In general, this area, with its huge airy and open courtyards, magnificent churches and centuries old paintings, has a slightly Moorish twist and the eerie catacombs of San Francisco should not be missed for the creepy arrangements of human bones including a large circle made of skulls. For a safe and laid back area of the city check out Miraflores with it's small parks, golf course, and a central trail surrounded by olive trees, fountains and benches to sit and chat on. And of course, there are the beaches where you can either chill out under the Peruvian sun, take a walk, or pick up a few souvenirs in one of Lima's many markets brimming with hand-crafted jewellery of silver and gold. With Lima, you just have to dig a little to discover the wonderful Peruvian treasures concealed within this major and often misunderstood South American city.

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You are here: kasbah.com - travel guide - Lima
Lima Travel Guide, Attractions and Highlights
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