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Malaga Travel Guide

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Capital city of the Costa Del Sol and second largest port in Spain, Malaga is a cosmopolitan city of some 550,000 plus inhabitants. As you would expect from the region it has fantastic beaches, but this extraordinarily lively town has far more to offer than just sea and sunshine. With its wide leafy boulevards and often striking architecture, Malaga has many places of historic interest along with a vibrant nightlife, excellent arts and entertainments and several world class golf courses.

Like most major ports in the world, Malaga has a vibrant nightlife and is famous throughout Spain for its ‘locos veranos’ or ‘crazy summers’ when the beaches become a focal point for parties and dancing. In town there is an abundance of entertainment to be enjoyed. The Zona el Paulo, a stretch of beautiful promenade lined with lively seafood restaurants and fashionable bars, is the ideal starting point for a night out. Zona La Malgueta is a more modern area favoured by trendy locals and young holidaymakers. Zona Pedragalejo is a mixture of modern and traditional bars and restaurants and is the best place to find places serving authentic Andalusian cuisine. There are also 5 main theatres presenting world class acts from both the drama and music world and several very popular nightclubs where you can drink and dance until dawn.

Malaga is often overlooked by visitors to the Costa del Sol and in many ways that has been to its favour. The lack of hardcore tourism has meant that this intriguing city has retained much of its charm and thus a strong personality that is reflected in the local inhabitants. All this ensures that a stay in Malaga will not only be immensely fulfilling but that you will also experience, first hand, the very best of Spanish hospitality.

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You are here: kasbah.com - travel guide - Malaga
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