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Maui Travel Guide

Nowadays more than two million people visit Maui each year, and about 130,000 people make the island their home. Located midway between Oahu and Hawaii, Maui showcases a mix of eclectic styles and cultures; in some villages, ancient Hawaiian is still spoken, whilst just a pineapple’s throw away the rich and famous languish in the opulence of several world class five-star resorts. Asian and Polynesian influences are evident everywhere, and is particularly noticeable in Maui’s cuisine, clothing and architecture.

Several of the island's small cities are steeped in history. Located on the island's northwest coast, Lahaina, a small, former whaling town has a fascinating past, irreverent whalers clashed with Christian missionaries trying to save the islanders' souls. Many of Lahaina's buildings are now listed as National Historic Landmarks, and its museum documents the harsh whaling life that made it a boomtown of the mid-19th century. Pa'ia, a former hippie hideout of the seventies, has become a favourite of the young windsurfing crowd, and Ho'okipa Beach is the place to watch the world's best sailboarders ply their trade.

The call of the great outdoors can be heard loud and clear on Maui, outdoor types will be especially happy. The stunning terrain offers plenty of camping and hiking opportunities, and the warm oceans are ideal for year-round swimming, sailing and whale watching cruises. Adventurous travellers can arrange for a helicopter tour of the more remote regions, or arrange a paraglide tour in the mountains. Each year, more than one million people make their way to eastern Maui to visit the Haleakala volcano, possibly the island's most breathtaking feature. The volcano last erupted about 200 years ago, and the view from its uppermost rim into its 3,000-foot-deep crater is nothing short of magnificent – just like the rest of this exotic island.

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You are here: kasbah.com - travel guide - Maui
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