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Mexico Travel Guide

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Aztec ruins, tequila, bullfights and sombreros are as much a part of Mexico as sweeping beaches, idyllic settings, romantic caves and extreme hiking. To describe Mexico in one vein is like describing Paris at night as dark. Mexico is diverse in every sense of the word. Each corner of the vast country holds a unique aspect, colourful folklore, tantalising recipes and contrasting landscape.

Mexico City, the largest, oldest and most populated metropolis in the North American continent is the pinnacle of Mexican history and culture. Although it has received loads of bad press, much of it substantiated, Mexico City is still undoubtedly a fascinating city. Although the bulk of the city is incredibly modern and somewhat unappealing, Aztec, Spanish colonial and modern art architecture create an unreal atmosphere. The buzz of the city alone is enough to allure anyone.

With coasts along the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Gulf, Mexico lends itself to being a great beach destination. Perhaps, dazzling white sandy beaches and azure waters aren't the first things you associate with Mexico, but that's exactly what's on the menu when heading to Cancun for sun-drenched fun on the Caribbean Coast. A thriving cluster of hotels, bars, restaurants and nightclubs fringes the 12 miles of spectacular beaches making Cancun a throbbing centre of entertainment both on and off the sands. There is also a wide range of water sports on offer making the most of the crystal clear Caribbean waters thronging with vibrant tropical fish and other marine life. The reef protected sheltered bays and coves are ideal for scuba diving and snorkelling amongst the spectacular marine kaleidoscope. Mexico offers a truly diverse selection of resorts that should suit most sun-seekers.

Beyond the beach, beauty and burritos, Mexico is home to some of the world’s most fascinating history. This is most evident at the archaeological sites of the Yucatan Peninsula. Chichen Itza, the great Maya-Toltec ceremonial centre in the north of the Yucatan houses the most marvellous of the ancient ruins. Climb to the top of the Pyramid of Kukulkan, admire the Temple of a Thousand Columns or appreciate the beauty of other outstanding structures such as the Castle, the Ball Court and the Temple of Warriors. Meridia, capital of the Yucatan and one of Mexico’s colonial cities is the gateway to explore Mayan culture and history. Keep an eye out for signs of Meridia’s other cultural influences including Spanish, French, Caribbean, Syrian and Lebanese. A cultural journey of the Yucatan is not complete without visiting perhaps one of the most well known Mayan cities in the world, Uxmal, famous for the delicacy of it's architecture and decorative art.

Mexico, a diverse land with many facets and faces is waiting to welcome the intrepid traveller.

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You are here: kasbah.com - travel guide - Mexico
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