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Myrtle Beach Travel Guide

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It all started way back in the 18th century when pirates decided to take over the area including the notorious Blackbeard... who may still have some treasure hidden at Murrels Inlet, just south of Myrtle Beach. More interest in the area arrived in the early 19th century by a man named F.G. Burroughs, who decided to claim 80,000 acres, including the entire coastline from Little River to Murrells Inlet then called "New Town". This name was soon changed to "Myrtle Beach" as a tribute to the Sweet Myrtle Tree, a waxy shrub native to the area. Burroughs toiled away at the area to make it into a seaside town and by 1901 had his first hotel, ‘The Seaside Inn’. From this point other buildings were being erected including small cottages, uses as summer havens. By 1925, Myrtle Beach had hit stardom with more affluent people arriving to build bigger, more elaborate hotels and the first of Myrtles Beaches’ golf courses. Sadly, in 1954 a hurricane named ‘Hazel’ made its way to the area, obliterating anything that came its way, total redevelopment had to begin with stronger, larger, more elegant hotels being developed. Golf courses were growing at the same time and today the area is booming with growth and tourism.

These days, Myrtle Beach, known as the ‘Grand Strand’, with its 60 miles of shoreline, is one of the top vacation destinations in the world and easily accessible from U.S. Highways 17 and 501, and South Carolina Highways 9 and 544. Myrtle Beach is a golfer’s paradise with 110 golf courses and 4 golf schools but if that’s not your forte there are plenty of other attractions including rides, water parks and trendy shops. The largest of the attractions being ‘The Pavilion’, a ten-acre fun park with its 35 exciting rides including the ‘Hurricane’, the largest, scariest roller coaster ride in S.C. There’s even an under 21’s club here called the ‘Attic’, allowing the kids to burn some energy and jiggle away to their hearts content! Children can also enjoy the nature trails, activity centres and playgrounds at Myrtle Beach, whilst the more adventurous family can go parasailing, swimming, surfing or sailing and unwind in the evening watching a concert, theatre show or maybe some late night shopping. Each area, within Myrtle Beach, has its own flavour, so visitors should take the time to sample what each one has to offer.

Anyone interested in seeing what’s in the surrounding areas, just need to head south of Myrtle Beach to Murrells Inlet, an old fishing village founded in the late 18th century by a Captain Morrall. Further south tis Brookgreen Gardens, a former plantation, now a southern-style landscape with works by noted American sculptors displayed throughout the gardens. Just thirty miles south of Myrtle Beach though, is Georgetown, this area is famous for its pirates, presidents and plantation owners, who come to live here. Georgetown today is a popular coastal county providing activities include walking and boat tours and strolls on peaceful beaches. The boat cruise on the ‘Jolly Rover’ will enable visitors to see bald eagles, sea birds, or even a great blue heron. Another area of interest while out and about is Huntington Beach State Park, where people can snoop around mansions or follow trails at one of the East Coast's bird reserves.

With around 14 million visitors a year, Myrtle Beach is a very fashionable holiday spot, with the population on a hot summers day being over half a million! The Grand Strand is especially liked with US families, in fact, it is America’s second most popular holiday spot and US folk will travel far and wide to spend their vacation here. There’s many airfares to Myrtle Beach with direct flights as far a field as New York, Washington, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Atlanta, so there’s no reason not to be here! The reason Americans love it so much is due to the vast amount of children’s entertainment, fantastic golf ranges and the friendly and sociable neighbourhood. A good climate though, is essential, and with Myrtle Beaches’ mild winters and warm summers, it’s the perfect weather for playing on the beach, having a round of golf, visiting entertainment complexes or just shopping for hours! Spring is a very popular time for Americans and Canadians, as the Canadian-American Days Festival® is held at this time. The festival has been running for 40 years with plenty of entertainment to enjoy such as beach games, sporting events, musical shows, Little Olympics, senior softball, riverboat tours, a South Strand Wildlife and History Day, St. Patrick’s Day Parade and so much more. Let’s not forget The National Shag Dance Championship though, a much-loved favourite, which features junior, beginner, and professional dancers stomping away to music for South Carolina’s state dance... The Shag.

Most people never want to leave Myrtle Beach, which explains the reason why some people stay and buy property in the area. Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach are a very friendly community with plenty of property choices near or around the beach area, from mobile homes to condos to oceanfront condominiums. The area is also well known as a retirement town for Americans aged 55 or older and its no wonder why, with its great golfing opportunities, beautiful beaches, warm weather, low cost of living and relaxed way of life.

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