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Panama Travel Guide

The majority of the population live and work around the Canal and the main cities of Panama City and Colon, which are situated at either entrance. The Pacific Lowlands and adjacent mountains account are also reasonably well populated leaving the rest of Panama sparsely inhabited. There are hundreds of islands off both coasts, with the 2 main archipelagos, the San Blas and Bocas del Toros situated in the Caribbean. The rainforests that dominate the Canal Zone, northeast and eastern half of the country support abundant wildlife with a greater area set aside for preservation than even Costa Rica. Panama also boasts a greater number and variety of flora and fauna. There are 2 seasons wet (mid April to December) and dry (January to mid April). Rainfall is heavier on the Caribbean coast and average temperatures of 21-32C in the lowlands and 10-18C on the highlands, with little annual variation.

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Panama top highlights

Panama Travel Guide, Attractions and Highlights
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