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A country brimming with colourful exotica and fascinating natural wonders, the mountainous country of Peru on the Pacific coast of South America is one of the most intriguing countries in the world. Bordering Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile, Peru has been the meeting place of numerous cultures for millennia. With an amazing tropical coastline, high sierra, and Amazonian jungle, these three natural zones, which run roughly north to south through the country, make Peru an adventure seeker and ecotourist’s dream. The Peruvian Andean mountains are the most famous of all of Peru’s ranges. Some of the spectacular glacier-clad peaks reach over 6000m (20,000ft) into the sky and are some of the most striking and accessible on the entire South American continent. The Cordillera Blanca in particular has become extremely popular in trekking circles. With a total land area of 1.28 million sq. km, Peru boasts an incredibly wide variety of climates, landscapes and ecosystems supporting some spectacular wildlife. In fact, Peru ranks amongst the top 5 countries with the greatest biological diversity in the world, claiming eighty-four of the world's 103 known ecological zones and 28 different climates. Whilst we’re talking numbers, Peru also has a total of 50 mountains, 12,000 lakes and 262 different river basins. In the world of eco-travel, Peru is a World Heavyweight Champion.

The country is a vibrant cultural mix with Lima as the capital straddling both banks of the Rio Rimac on the edge of the coastal desert at the foot of the Cerro San Cristobal. Lima isn’t everybody’s cup of tea but has fantastic dining and nightlife, not to mention the best museums in the entire country amongst some superb examples of traditional colonial architecture. Peru’s winning card however is its natural splendour and the Manu Wildlife Centre on the north bank of the Madre de Dios River, set within one of the world’s greatest and most spectacular wilderness areas, is one of the biggest attractions for the avid ecotourist. Visitors can embark upon the Amazon's finest short, in-depth wildlife safari set within stunning orchid laden rain and cloud forests. This is not to mention Peru’s intriguing archaeological sites including the Nazca lines with it’s huge animals drawn on the desert floor; Cusco the former capital of the Inca Empire with it’s ruined granite palaces and temples and, of course, Machu Picchu – the lost city of the Incas high up in the mountains. Conversely, for some fun in the sun there are also the major beach, surfing and deep-sea fishing centres of Tumbes and Piura. Peru is literally packed to the brim with the most amazing sights and sounds, both naturally and culturally speaking…..makes you wonder why on earth Paddington Bear left.

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