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Honeymooners, eco-tourists, divers, and birds alike, all flock to the Seychelles and with good reason. This formation of roughly 115 islands and inlets including the three main ones Mahe , Praslin and La Digue, have been described as paradise on earth. The remaining, more secluded islands are coral atolls. Floating north of Madagascar and 995 miles east of Kenya, the Seychelles are considered to be the true island gem of the Indian Ocean.

Housing a range of different national parks from the St. Anne National Marine Park to the 15 acres of exotic plants and trees comprising the Victoria Botanic Gardens, the islands are overflowing with rare and endangered species and plants. The dedication and preservation of it's natural environment has made the Seychelles a leader in sustainable development and ecological awareness.

Mahe, the largest of the islands, is home to the most hotels and resorts in the Seychelles. Surrounded by coral reefs and pillowy beaches, Mahe has a full range of accommodation, restaurants, thatched beach bars and endless watersport opportunities. In addition, Mahe houses Victoria, the world's smallest capital city and the country's only real resemblance to a town. A couple of beauty spots not to be missed on the island include the La Gogue Reservoir, the country's one and only mountain lake, Sauzier Waterfall , Trois Freres Peak Walk and Riviere Cascade Walk.

Believed by some to be the original Garden of Eden, Praslin is the archetypal perfect tropical island. The coco-de-meerm palm, a wild aphrodisiac, and three of world's rarest birds share this island with the peaceful beaches that outline it. Many of Praslin's resorts have free watersports available including canoeing, windsurfing and snorkelling and all have open-air restaurants. Three hours by boat from Mahe or 15 minutes by air, Praslin is a great island hop contender.

Travelling 30 minutes onward from Praslin you will discover La Digue floating in all it's glory. With remarkable beaches, masses of pink granite and the charm and tranquillity that is often sought after. Once a coconut plantation, La Digue with it's serene surroundings is now the ultimate getaway. There isn't a whole lot to do on La Digue so get prepared for really getting away from it all.

For further exploration and seclusion, check out Bird Island and relax with some of the world's most rare and beautiful birds. Carpeted in lush vegetation surrounded by vibrant, tropical fish, the remaining outlying islands are also worth a peek. Swim, snorkel, snooze and the Seychelles will provide the supreme backdrop.

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Seychelles Travel Guide, Attractions and Highlights
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