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Slovenia Travel Guide

The Republic of Slovenia is a central European country, which borders with Italy to the west, Austria to the north, Hungary and Croatia to the east and Croatia to the south. The total area of Slovenia is of 20,273 square kilometres and has nearly 2 million folk living within the region, who are mainly of Slovenian and Croat descent and Roman Catholic faith. The inhabitants speak Slovenian, Croatian, German, Serbian and English and to earn a crust make their money from textiles, timber products, agriculture and manufacturing, trading with countries such as Croatia and the EU.

Until 1918, Slovenia was united with Austria and the Holy Roman Empire, but then the Slovenes decided to join the Croats and Serbs to form a multinational state, which by 1929 was called Yugoslavia. After the Second World War, Slovenia became a state of the transformed Yugoslavia, which though Communist, kept itself distanced from Moscow's regime. The Slovene’s were soon unhappy with the power from the Serbs and gained independence in 1991, but not until a ten-day battle had taken its course. Slovenia is now a modern country with old ties to Western Europe, a solid financial system and a stable democratic system. In 2004, Slovenia joined both NATO and the EU.

A good place to find attractions is in the country’s capital of Ljubljana, a smallish city, which is clean and well maintained. Once a roman town, visitors will still find hints of that era, with 14th century roman built mansions and churches, scattered throughout the city. The area also has a university and by the region’s river are museums containing items from roman artefacts to modern art to natural history. In the Old Town of Ljubljana, visitors will find attractive baroque churches, more museums, old winding streets and ancient bridges with Tivoli Park nearby to rest the tired, old legs! After gaining some energy back there’s another great way to burn it off again at the park’s tennis courts, roller rinks or swimming pools!

In Slovenia, the most popular way to get about is by bus, which has a regular, far-stretching service, with some areas only being accessible by this form of transport, like the Julian Alps. Driving around the country is a great way to reach the more remote areas of Slovenia, with an assortment of cars readily available at Brnik and Ljubljana Airport, all at reasonable rates. Getting a direct flight into Slovenia is manageable through every major city in Europe and Tel Aviv, with everywhere else changing planes en route. Countries such as Italy, Austria, Hungary and Yugoslavia can enter the country by bus and trains can take travellers from Austria and Amsterdam direct to Ljubljana, all at a much slower rate of course.

The weather here is lovely and hot in July and August but is also the busy period, so best to come in September, which is also the perfect time for hiking and climbing, with dry ground and slightly cooler temperatures. There is also the chance to ski whilst in the country, with the snow at its highest from December through March.

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