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Stockholm Travel Guide

Stockholm often dubbed the 'Venice of the North' due to its archipelago positioning is a fascinating Nordic city spread over 14 islands and holds that special allure that any water city holds. As a traveller who is environmentally aware and appreciative of the importance of open space and parkland, Stockholm is the ideal example of how a city can grow responsibly. Making up Stockholm is 30% water and 30% green space and the freshest air of all the worlds' cities. Now that alone is enough to lure any curious mind.

Although Stockholm has a firm dedication to sustainable development and a strong environmental program, the city is far from boring. Stockholm is widely known for its pumping nightlife. With nearly as many restaurants per capita as Paris, bars and nightclubs to rival any European cities' and licensing hours that can extend up to 5 a.m, Stockholm comes to life once the sun sets (if it sets!). Similar to St. Petersburg, Stockholm is famous for its 'white nights' those evenings where day doesn't turn into night 'til well after midnight if at all. This unreal atmosphere makes Stockholm a playground for the young and energetic.

The capital of sleek and modern, Stockholm is the centre of design, especially interior. If you've ever struggled putting an Ikea piece of furniture together you will know this. Everything from kitchenware to bedroom furniture is created with slick lines and a groovy minimalist edge to it. Although shopping can be very expensive even window-shopping is a great experience in itself. The main shopping areas include Biblioteksgatan peppered with exclusive European boutiques, Odengatan overflowing with antiques treasures, Drottningsgatan, Harrngatan, Hotorget and of course the tourist magnet, Stureplan

. With over 150 museums, art festivals galore, Noble Peace Prize award ceremony and fascinating architecture it is not surprising that Stockholm was named European City of Culture in 1998. Although there are endless sights to be seen there are some that rank among the top highlights including the Vasamuseet (Vasa Museum), City Hall home to the Noble Peace Prize banquet, Gamla Stan (old city centre) and boat rides through the archipelago.

Stockholm is truly unique, where else can you fish in the middle of the city, enjoy an untouched appeal with a cosmopolitan feel, find a healthy cultural scene and a truly jumping nightlife all wrapped into a beauteous archipelago in the mystique of Scandinavia. Stockholm is one of Europe's great cities that is yet to be over run by tourists. Get there before it becomes little America.

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You are here: kasbah.com - travel guide - Stockholm
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