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Varadero Travel Guide

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Varadero is quite simply a holiday paradise, one of nature's masterpieces, a flawless coastline of bright white sand running for over 12 miles. Just a couple of hours from Havana on the Via Blanca highway, the resort has become an extremely popular destination for European and Canadian tourists over the years triggering the surrounding landscape to transform dramatically. However many of the beautiful old fashioned streets and wooden houses have survived the tourism development making Varadero a delightful town to visit.

Of course, the heavenly beaches and bright turquoise waters entice you to spend most of your time lounging around on the beach, but the area has plenty of other attractions to keep you occupied for days. Cueva de San Ambrosio is an interesting archaeological site with its African slave cave art and a visit to Las Salinas salt mine is well worth it, believe it or not! This naturally beautiful area of Cuba is also well known as a habitat and breeding ground for rare birds, many of them extinct in other parts of the world.

There is plenty to keep you occupied in the evening too, numerous cabarets, bars, nightclubs along with enough choices of restaurant to suit every type of palette. Until recently Varadero's night scene had a reputation for being a little wild, to say the least, but the resort has cleaned up its act tenfold in the last few years and it is now as safe and as laid-back as before. Without doubt, Varadero is the liveliest and best beach resort in Cuba, it's also one of the top ten beaches in the world, the ideal place to combine beach and nightlife.

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Varadero Travel Guide, Attractions and Highlights
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