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Warsaw Travel Guide

Located in central Poland on the Wisla River is Warsaw, Poland's capital city. Unlike Poland's second city, Krakow, Warsaw was completely wiped out in World War II, there are even recordings of the Nazis systematic plan to destroy the city on display at the National Museum. Thankfully, the city's Old Town was reconstructed according to the original city plans, making it a listed World Heritage Site and a site to remember!

The tumultuous history of the city has left an air of haunts and fascination within its city walls. Explore the old and new world living side by side, browse through the markets and bazaars, enjoy the spectacular music offerings or just marvel at the rapidly expanding modernization of a post-communist city.

With over 17 theatres and three opera companies, demonstrating the city's strong hold on theatrical and musical traditions plus numerous galleries, monuments, religious sites, palaces and parks, Warsaw has cultural offerings like no other. If history and the classics are your thing, Warsaw will certainly deliver. Among the must-sees on your enriching tour is the Royal Palace, the lavish home of Polish royalty of yesteryear; The Historical Museum of Warsaw, a gigantic museum with over 60 rooms and four floors, outlining the rocky history of the city; and Lazienki Palace , a park and palace complex of outstanding beauty. Of course that's just skimming the surface, you could literally spend weeks exploring Warsaw's culture, past and present.

After a day of sightseeing some serious unwinding might be in order. Well, you've come to the right place! Warsaw is certainly not suffering from a shortage of bars, pubs and clubs. Plenty of nightlife options are on offer to keep you entertained well into the wee hours of the morning. The world's best 'wodka' is at your fingertips in Warsaw, so if you don't mind getting a little wasted, do a vodka tour of the city, try some of the berry flavoured ones, they are especially delicious. Of course if you're searching for a more tame evening check out some of the new restaurants that have sprung up since the fall of communism then head to one of the city's theatres for some superb performing arts. If your Polish is a bit rusty and you want to find out what's happening around town, pick up a copy of The Warsaw Voice the weekly English language magazine.

There's more .... if special events turn your crank, Warsaw hosts many throughout the year including The Mozart Festival in June, Warsaw Summer Jazz Days also in June, the 'Warsaw Autumn International Festival of Contemporary Music - a ten day affair held in September and perhaps the most acclaimed and most popular soiree of the year is the International 'Jazz Jamboree', held annually in October, holding claim to one of the finest jazz fests in Europe.

There is a lot more to Warsaw than the grey imagery of the past. The Nazis may have annihilated it but Warsaw has made a comeback to rival John Travolta, take a peek at Warsaw, post-war, post-communism and you won't be disappointed.

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You are here: kasbah.com - travel guide - Warsaw
Warsaw Travel Guide, Attractions and Highlights
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