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Weston Super Mare

Weston Super Mare Travel Guide

Today Weston Super Mare is still a popular resort especially for those from the Midlands, Bath and Bristol. The town has miles of fine sand, 2 piers and some spectacular scenery, especially across the Bristol Channel to Wales and the monolith like Brean Down jutting out into the sea a couple of miles to the south. Two small islands, Flatholm and Steepholm are also visible from the shore.

The Bristol Channel has one of the world’s largest tidal reaches and this is nowhere more apparent than in Weston when the tide is out. It goes out a very long way! But there are plenty of things to do and see whilst waiting for the tide to come in.

The towns economy is very much tourism biased but there are a growing number of light manufacturing and service businesses in the town.

The Winter Gardens is the town’s entertainment focus for all types of entertainment, particularly Ballroom Dancing. With over 200 restaurants, cafes and bistros there is no shortage of places to eat. For an exciting and varied night out Weston has more than 200 pubs, clubs and bars to choose from.

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You are here: kasbah.com - travel guide - Weston Super Mare
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