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Weybridge Travel Guide

This is not to say the town is without charm, one of the most affluent parts of Surrey, Weybridge is firmly at the heart of the southeast’s ‘stockbroker belt’. The town has numerous visual pockets of residential affluence and opulence, most notably St. Georges Hill, home to the rich and famous, and a particular magnet for the show business profession.

It is difficult to ignore Weybridge’s love hate relationship with transport; the modern town is largely founded on the advancement of motor racing and aviation. Brooklands racing circuit with its famous high-banked curves is inextricably linked with the Bentley, Malcolm Campbell and speed. The Brooklands Museum inauspiciously sited within a business park details the circuit’s long and illustrious history.

The circuit closed in 1939 and became part of an airfield that was the home of aircraft builders Vickers. Responsible for the Spitfire and Hurricane fighter planes that played a key role in the 1941 Battle of Britain, Vickers went on to build the world’s first successful turbo-prop airliner The Viscount.

Today, transport in Weybridge is somewhat less romantic, an early morning visit to the town’s railway station or trying to steer a clear entry onto the nearby M25 will dispel any romantic myths.

The town centre has a thriving retail base featuring a number of department stores and the ubiquitous multiples but with a goodly mix of specialist retailers.

Given its affluent reputation Weybridge has no shortage of top class dining venues but caters well for those without bulging wallets equally well.

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