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War in Iraq Gulf War Latest News - Iraq War update

Iraq war. Resources for and about journalist’s.

The Media Center @ the American press institute
Weblogs and diaries from embedded journalists, aggregated news from across the globe. Multimedia content and interactive stories. This is one of the best and most impartial sites covering the war. A great resource

Poynter Online - Iraq
Interviews with journalist’s covering the war, cartoonists in battle, embedded journalist and much more.

Society of Professional Journalists – The Geneva Convention
Exhaustive information on all aspects of fair play at war!

Bioterrorism – A journalist’s guide to covering Bioterrorism
Not for the squeamish, needs Acrobat Reader to view

The Journalist’s Toolbox – Online resources for journalist’s and editors
Comprehensive reference resource of the war in Iraq. Detailed sections on weapons inspection and the background timeline to the war.

Aid and Humanitarian Assistance to Iraq

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Special Iraq Section
The ICRC has been working in Iraq since the outbreak of the Iran-Iraq war in 1980. Since the conflict of 1991 it has focused on trying to help resolve protection issues concerning prisoners of war and, in recent years, on relieving the devastating effects of war on the civilian population, which has faced a growing struggle for survival. In northern Iraq, the ICRC has continued its activities related to the consequences of the conflict between Kurdish groups.

Network for Good
When war breaks out, there's another front line to consider: the front line of humanitarian organizations and agencies, who are the first to receive refugees and others who fear for their safety in time of war. As the war continues in Iraq, these organizations are on the scene, ready to provide aid, shelter and food for civilians caught in the crossfire.
Essential reading for anyone with or without a conscience.

United Nations – The Office of the Iraq Programme. Oil for food
Where has all the money gone?

Against the War

The Atlantic Online Intelligent discussion and comment from an anti-war angle

Iraq Sanctions. Humanitarian Implications and Options for the Future
A paper published by UN Security Council outlining all the major implications of the war in Iraq. The Security Council is the United Nations' most powerful body. It has "primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security." Five powerful countries sit as "permanent members" along with ten other member states, elected for two-year terms. Since 1990, the Council has dramatically increased its activity and it now meets in nearly continuous session. It dispatches military operations, imposes economic sanctions, mandates arms inspections, deploys human rights and election monitors and more. The materials available here provide analysis and documents about the Council and the sharp debate about Council reform, as well as information about the NGO Working Group on the Security Council. More

Norberts Bookmarks – Statements against the war in Iraq
Exhaustive and thorough list of papers, statements and comments from the manifold voices against the war. More of Norberts Iraq links here

Iraq War. General Resources and Information.

Caltech Library System – The Iraq Question
A well researched collection of Internet resources focusing on Geneva Convention issues and UN Resolutions. Some interesting pre war commentaries from Jimmy Carter.

BBC Iraq Country Profile
Comprehensive profile of Iraq, its people and the people who have forged this country’s short modern history. Also has up to the minute news coverage

First Gov. America responds
How the USA gears up to defend itself from terrorism and the aftermath of war. Plenty of sound advice and a comprehensive listing of relevant Federal and International Agencies.

Iraq War News Coverage

New York Times – International Special – Iraq
Broad and in depth coverage with searchable back issue database.

CBC News Canada – Iraq in Depth
The view from Canada. Provides an impartial but interesting comparison to US coverage, particularly in pointing out that a coalition force is fighting the war.

Blogs of War
Minute by minute reports and coverage from some interesting sources. If you have not yet discovered Blogs this is the place to start. In at the deep end.

PBS Online Newshour – The Iraq War
Sensitive coverage from America’s foremost, but under sung broadcaster. Some good maps and student/teacher resources

WarBlogs –“One source for war news”
Views and news from bloggers around the globe

CNN Special U.S. & Coalition Forces – The Casualties
Poignant and uncomfortable reminder of the personal cost of war. Small bio of every US and coalition soldier killed in action…so far.

Visit theses sites for a representative view of the Iraq war from all sides.

War in Iraq Gulf War Latest News - Iraq War update

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