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Bed and Breakfast Guide

General advice and tips about staying in a bed and breakfast

Telephones - Most Bed and Breakfast accommodation throughout America and Canada provide a more than adequate phone service. You will be able to make and receive calls from your room; although you may need a credit or call card for long distance. Many homes now have direct dial systems where the cost of the call is credited to your account. Donít expect your cellular phone to work in all rural locations, call ahead to check if the property is within a cellular coverage area. Cellular coverage within most cities is now widespread so you can expect your cellular phone to work in any city area

The Internet and Email - Facilities will vary mainly due to the location of the Bed and Breakfast. Rural locations, particularly in the Mid-West are less likely to have Internet access than their urban or city counterparts. As each B&B is different and you need to have Internet access or check email, check ahead. In general you will find Internet access almost as standard in many city B and Bís, some even have modem connections in the room.

The All Important Breakfast. - Breakfast will vary enormously in style, content and possibly delivery. What wonít vary is substance; we have yet to receive a report of any of our guests leaving a B&B hungry!

One big difference you will find between a hotel and a B&B breakfast is that if you ask for something that is not on the menu the Innkeeper will generally try as hard as possible to meet your requirements.

Breakfast options will include:

  • The Hot Cooked Breakfast - Often English in style and can be gargantuan in size, expect eggs, breakfast sausage and potatoes at least. If this is the only type of breakfast the house serves and you feel its not for you just let them know the night before to prepare you something lighter.
  • Continental Breakfast - Mainly bakery produce including bagels, toasting bread, English Muffins and possibly croissants. Usually accompanied by fruit preserves and cereals, and of course fruit juices, tea and coffee.
  • The Buffet or Self Service Breakfast. Usually a combination of the above two breakfasts but requiring a stroll to the serve hatch on your part.

No Breakfast at all - A small minority of Bed and Breakfast houses offer the option of a stay with or without breakfast. Check that where you want to stay has the meal plan you require before making your reservation. A small number of our properties are apartments or annexes adjacent or close to the main house. These rooms will often offer breakfast as an option as the rooms are generally equipped with cooking facilities to make your own breakfast and other meals depending on the length of your stay. Always check ahead to ensure the facilities on offer are right for your stay.

B&B owners are generally not permitted by City or State law to allow guests to cook in homes, although many homes have communal access to refrigerators and microwaves.

Pets - Few of the properties in the Kasbah database allow pets, an understandable decision when one looks at the care and attention most Bed and Breakfast owners lavish on their properties and gardens. You will however find some B&Bís particularly in rural areas that are able to house pets outside or possibly in the guests vehicle.

Smoking - Not in my house! Thatís the unanimous decision of Bed and Breakfast owners. Some homes will permit guests to smoke in the gardens or in a designated area outdoors.

Bathrooms and Stairs - Many of the Bed and Breakfast homes listed are themselves historic buildings and as such are subject to conservation and preservation orders. Many that fall outside the historic orders are elegant town house built generally to a maximum of three floors. None of the properties listed in our database has an elevator although some may have stair elevators. If you have any physical or mobility concerns please call ahead to check the property out.

Bathrooms in Historic homes are not always en-suite, its not the way they did things back then! The same applies to some first floor guest rooms although bathrooms are frequently incorporated into the bedroom. However most of our Bed and Breakfast homes have en-suite facilities, but it would be wise to check if you defiantly require en-suite facilities.

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