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featured destinations - New York, London, Thailand, Bangkok and Orlando

New York - Being famous for it’s industry and business, cross-section of theatre, sports, art and fashion, New York is one busy place! New York city has over 33 million visitors each year and an ethnically diverse population of over 10 million, speaking over 100 different languages throughout the streets each day.

While New Yorkers are still recovering from the devastation of 9/11, their character, determination and resilience carries on, creating the remarkable place New York city is today and people will always find the locals helpful and courteous to the throng of visitors the city attracts.

Travelling around in the city is safer and easier than ever before and first time visitors who are overwhelmed with the vastness of New York will soon feel at ease and start to enjoy the cities faster but more exhilarating pace of life. Whether visitors want to shop till they drop or spend the day in one of New York’s 28,000 acres of parkland, it’s all here, within the cities 300 square miles! New York Travel Guide | New York Hotels

London - It’s definitely got a tale to tell, having survived fire, flood, riot, disease and war. London is a place oozing with history but also attracts visitors because of its great entertainment value. With masses of shopping opportunities by day and great West End theatre shows and nightclubs by night, it's a city that exhilarates, stimulates and excites, in equal measures.

From Piccadilly Circus to Soho to Trafalgar Square, the broad-based mix of rich and poor, from the stock market trader to the street beggar, somehow all hangs together.

The city is so vast, visitors will need to take that underground train to see the sights, however, a ride on a red double-decker bus, the most quintessential experience of all, will provide visitors with those never-ending memories. London Travel Guide | London Hotels

Thailand - With its beautiful temples, natural landscape, fine cuisine, kindness and generosity throughout, what more could a visitor ask for? Thailand is the total package for people who are interested in culture, history and stunning scenery. Thailand offers a distinct contrast of delights from the lush limestone islands of the Andaman Sea and striking mountain range of Mae Hong Son, to the pounding rhythms of the nightclubs of Bangkok. Whatever the attraction of the new modern Thailand though, visitors will always see the old Thai culture wherever they turn, with religion and monarchy being the foundation of Thai culture, which seep through into everyday life, such as the prevalence of Buddhist temples throughout the country.

When it comes to cuisine, Thailand has it, with aromatic and spicy food, always seasoned with plenty of garlic and chillies, lemon grass, limejuice and fresh coriander. Visitors will also find the ever-present rice, noodles and soup arriving with most meals and many a variety of condiments and dips to taste, savour and enjoy. Thailand Travel Guide | Thailand Hotels

Bangkok - A lively, pulsating and energetic city. Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok is located in South East Asia and is as glamorous as New York City, with its glitzy temples, gaudy bazaars, bizarre nightlife and extravagant shopping potential. Modern development flourishes throughout Bangkok, with its skyscrapers, office towers, top class hotels and of course shopping arcades, which serve out Eastern delights such as gemstones and silks. Restaurants are also very popular with many spicy specials and other worldwide dishes to entice the tourists and when nighttime falls, the range of dazzling dance venues varies from disco diva to traditional Thai.

Throughout all this madness though, the cultural side of Bangkok still carries on, with the capital’s Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Grand Palace, Temple of the Dawn and many other significant shrines, poking their heads out amongst the mod cons of today’s Bangkok. Bangkok Travel Guide | Bangkok Hotels

Orlando - Its put Orlando on top of the popular destination pile and draws millions of people to the city each year…yes you’ve got it, the one and only Mickey Mouse and associates! The third most desirable American destination, tourism is a booming industry in Orlando. Besides the big name theme parks such as Disneyworld, Universal Studios and Sea World, there are other attractions just as exciting, including places such as Florida’s space coast, just 3 miles east of Orlando. Here, visitors can try out some water sports at one of the areas great beaches, or have a go at world class racing or visit the Kennedy Space Centre, with a NASA up close tour of The International Space Station Center.

Getting away from the tourist spots though, visitors can enjoy some stunning scenery within the city’s nature preserves, camping sites, lakes and rivers, all being accompanied with extremely good weather! Whatever the choice, whether it’s sightseeing, hiking, cycling, golfing or hot air ballooning, visitors can have it all, here in the ever-so-popular Orlando! Orlando Travel Guide | Orlando Hotels

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