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Welcome to the world's largest collection of online travel guides
Kasbah travel guides offer a unique insight into nearly every country, city, island and all the top destinations in between! As all our travel guides are independently written to give you a more personal feel for the place than the typical guides you can buy off the shelf. We are totally unbiased, and if it's best avoided we tell you straight – likewise, if we find a gem we won't keep it for ourselves!

We have literally thousands of travel guides, so making a top 10 list was quite a challenge to say the least! However we update this list as often as we can, so if you would like to recommend a place to feature tell us why by clicking here.

Top 10 Country Guides

  • Australia - The largest island in the world, and a truly wonderful place with such fascinating diversity it could not be anywhere else but the top of our favourites list. Australia is a land where nature, magic, technology and tradition all seem to keep in a precarious balance.

  • Mexico - Mexico’s coming in a very close second. A hot and spicy mix stunning beaches, fascinating culture and history including the amazing Mayan ruins, fantastic food, a massive range of activities – there is just so much to Mexico you really do have to go there to appreciate all it has to offer!

  • South Africa - There’s nowhere else quite like South Africa anywhere on Earth. It would be enough with its incredible wildlife, stunning beaches and spectacular landscape. But to add to that its home to probably the world’s most beautiful city, Cape Town you really are looking at another must see.

  • Greece - A place of legends, the birthplace of modern civilisation, bursting with archaeological wonders. Greece is a fabulous Mediterranean country, with a lovely ‘old days’ feel and breathtaking inland scenery. But, what’s probably the best thing about Greece is its huge scattering of islands each with its own unique, charming character you are bound to find yourself the ideal match.

  • Philippines - A land of wonderful landscapes - volcanoes, rainforests, verdant plains, lakes, white sand beaches and coral islands - much of it is archetypal paradise. A rich, fulfilling place which, as yet isn’t over-run by tourist despite its beaches being amongst the best in the world.

  • Brazil - Let your imagination be captured by this vast tropical land of golden beaches, rainforests, wild Amazon River rapids, very chic cities and beautiful people. A top-notch, exciting, sunshine destination – whether your going for the incredible natural wonders and scenery or the legendary all night party capital, Rio.

  • France - The world’s most romantic nation, a land of unimaginable beauty, culture and style. It’s a world in itself where you can find idyllic, lush farmlands, snow-capped mountains, striking coastlines, vast vineyards, and more picture-perfect towns and cities than anywhere else on earth.

  • Dominican Republic - Christopher Columbus once insisted that “there is no more beautiful island in the world” – and with the golden sandy beaches in the north, fringed with palm trees and turquoise waters. To the spectacular white sandy beaches in the south, gently sloping in to the clear blue sea. He was probably right.

  • Thailand - Thailand, ‘the land of smiles!’ A bright, colourful country, blessed with beautiful landscapes, beaches and warm inviting seas. Thailand has a great assortment of activities and settings, whether you are looking for tradition and history, a jungle adventure, or to take a trip to the exciting, mind-blowing city, Bangkok.

  • Italy - An instantly recognisable country, with magnificent history, landmarks and culture. With arguable the most picturesque countryside in Europe, inspiring warmth, and hospitality. Not to mention and wonderful food and wine. Italy oozes quality, from the natural splendour of the Italian Riviera to the eccentric style of Milan and the ancient architecture of the Piazza Navona.

Top 10 City Guides

  • Paris - No surprises here really, an entrancing, inspiring city like no other. A relatively small city with more typical postcard scenes than you could ever imagine. This romantic city is bound to win your heart and your mind, its one of few cities which really lives up to its captivating, legendary status.

  • Las Vegas - Las Vegas, quite a contrast from Paris but its rolled in at number two because its one of those places, love it or hate it, you just have to go and see it for yourself. The entertainment is simple out of this world, and the hotels are themselves attractions. A non-stop, flamboyant, adrenaline-charged city that will chew you up, and spit you out – and you’ll love every minute of it! And once you’re done with all the glitz and neon head out of town to see the many natural wonders near the city, including Death Valley and the Grand Canyon.

  • San Francisco - San Francisco is a visually spectacular city, with a laid back, no fuss atmosphere. The weather is great, and the city is easy to get around, by foot or cable car. There are also the many remarkable landmarks, including the immense Golden Gate Bridge, a utterly amazing sight especially when the sea fog rolls in, the infamous old fortress prison – Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf to name a few.

  • Rome - A city so steeped in history you can feel it in the air. By walking the streets of Rome you can actually imagine what it was like all those years ago, it’s a truly magnificent city. There are many other reasons to visit besides its incredible history, including the great range of designer shops, fabulous restaurants, great weather and of course, The Vatican – whether you are a Catholic or not you will find this extraordinary.

  • New York - There is no escaping the fact New York is an exciting, fast paced city, there’s and endless list of reasons why you should visit New York, the famous landmarks, the fantastic shopping, the world class museums, top notch restaurants, or just experience the incredible buzz in Times Square on a Saturday night, or to walk up Broadway to watch a show in what’s no doubt most talked about theatre district in the world.

  • London - An old city, with a lively, modern feel – the City of London is home to many instantly recognisable places, from Big Ben to Buckingham Palace, everywhere you turn you are reminded your in London. London has plenty to offer, great shopping, nightlife, theatres, galleries and entertainment. It’s a diverse and distinctively British city, oozing with character and its own unique charm. The city feels alive, and it’s contagious.

  • Amsterdam - It didn’t seem right to have Amsterdam so far down this list, I’m sure it should be number 2 or 3 but it doesn’t really matter. Its such a great little city, dubbed The Venice of the North due to the canals running though the city. It’s a laid back, romantic city – with great shopping and compared to its small size, its got good deal of museums and galleries. Not to mention the fascinating, and sobering reminder – Anne Frank House. But what makes Amsterdam so special to many is it’s friendly and helpful people.

  • Los Angeles - Home of the rich and famous, Los Angeles or LA is not short of things to do and see, with literally thousands of attractions. It has great weather, 72 miles of beach, incomparable nightlife and as you’d expect a great number of excellent restaurants. But, lets not forget the most famous part of Los Angeles – Hollywood!

  • Florida - All year round blazing sun, miles and miles of sandy beaches and some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States – no wonder Florida receives so many visitors all year round. The most popular places to go are Miami (think chic), Orlando (fun) and the Florida Keys (think beach heaven) – But Florida isn’t all Mickey Mouse and beach towels, it’s a remarkably diverse state that everyone is sure to love.

  • Hawaii - Aloha! You have just got to love it! These charming islands, like no others often used as movie backdrops, they are every bit a stunning as they look in the pictures, if not more. Each island is different and offers a totally unique experience. Whether you want to live it up in Waikiki, or chill out in your own little bit of beach on Kauai, the Hawaii islanders will ensure everyone is made to feel so welcome you won’t want to leave, which is the only reason this is last on the list…

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